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Viking RVGR3305BSS Range Changing…New Model: RVGR3315

Written by Appliance Dude | December 13th, 2014

One of my most popular 30″ ranges is going to bid us sweet adieu…yes the Viking 3-Series RVGR3305BSS is retiring to appliance Valhalla and will be replaced by the new RVGR3315BSS. Don’t know if there is a form/feature difference but should know in the next few days.

Thermador Duel Fuel Range vs Gas Range Review

Written by Appliance Dude | December 11th, 2014

Amazing how much interest there is in Thermador lately. Traditionally known for their wall ovens (yes, that was a Thermador oven that both Julia Child and Alice from the Brady Bunch used), Thermador has spent the last decade rolling out more and more great product to the point where they now have everything covered save for outdoor grills and undercounter refrigeration (though I’ve heard rumors about that category becoming a reality).

Alice rocking the electric cooktop with a Thermador oven behind her.

Alice rocking the electric cooktop with a Thermador oven behind her.

One category where they have improved exponentially is in the cooking ranges sector. Remember, Thermador offers 2 series of ranges:
Pro Harmony – 24″ deep
Pro Grand – 27″ deep, self clean, soft close door, etc

Thermador Pro Grand PRG366JG

Thermador Pro Grand PRG366JG

The Pro Harmony ranges still outsell the Pro Grand (PRICE POINT!) but if we’re going to get fractal there is something deeper to explore – what if you were to roll with a Thermador Pro Grand but you had the option of doing either a dual fuel or a gas range? What would the differences be?
Usually the immediate difference between a gas and dual fuel range is the self cleaning option that dual fuel offers. However, Thermador does offer a self clean mode in their gas Pro Grand ranges.
So what are the differences between the dual fuel and gas save for the price
$8699 for the PRD366JGU 36″ duel fuel, six burner
$7299 for the PRG366JG 36″ gas six burner

DIFFERENCES – More Cooking Modes in Dual Fuel
The dual fuel models offer true convection; meaning they have a third, circular heating element wrapped around the convection fan allowing for additional cooking modes not possible in the gas model. These include convection broil, convection roast, and the capability to multi-rack bake in convection bake mode.

The broiler element on the ranges are different as well. The Duel Fuel will offer 4000watt 8-pass broiler whereas the gas range will offer the killer 17000 BTU infrared broiler which is perfect for searing steaks. You’ll also see a slight difference in oven size – the dual fuel is 5.7 and the gas is 5.5.

So where do you lie in this equation?
As I tell all of my customers, if you bake, go dual fuel.
If you roast, get the gas.
if you don’t care, get the gas.
It’s really a question as to whether those additional cooking modes mean something to you.

To see the full line of Thermador appliances visit the Curto’s showroom which offers the largest Thermador display in Westchester County and Manhattan.

Capital Range BBQ Grates Review – Curto’s Westchester County

Written by Appliance Dude | November 26th, 2014

Update 11/28/14 – We now have an image of what the stainless grates look like – see below

The first step in transforming yourself into an expert or authority is to admit that you don’t know everything. And when you come across new knowledge embrace it, savor it and SHARE it. So when I just found out that the Capital ranges ship with different grates on their models with BBQ’s I knew it was time to post here.

The Culinarian (open burner ranges) and their new dual fuel series will ship with the heavy-ass cast iron grates that you see pictured below. There is definitely an advantage in using cast iron with their 18K BTU infrared BBQ b/c that cast iron will get HOT. Certainly hotter than stainless and you need that HEAT in order to sear like the primal grilling animal you want to be.

If you purchase the Precision series ranges (sealed burner) and opt for a model with a BBQ you will receive channeled stainless grates. The fact that they are channeled is a good thing so as to handle the grease that comes off the food you are grilling. But let’s call it like it is – the cast iron is better than stainless!

This vantage point shows the channeled grooves on Capital's cast iron grates. Big help for grease management - the hole in the front will capture grease and send to drip pan.

This vantage point shows the channeled grooves on Capital’s cast iron grates. Big help for grease management – the hole in the front will capture grease and send to drip pan.

Cast Iron Grates on Capital Culinarian Range

Cast Iron Grates on Capital Culinarian Range

Slanted Stainless Grates on the Capital Precision Range

Slanted Stainless Grates on the Capital Precision Range

Viking VGR7486GSS 7-Series – Looking Nice in Bronxville

Written by Appliance Dude | November 20th, 2014

Appliance Dude showcases one of the first Viking 7 series 48″ ranges to land in a Westchester NY home

I believe this is the first Viking 7-Series 48″ range that was delivered to a consumer in NY (another Curto’s first). She landed last summer and now that the kitchen is finished it’s time to reflect on the beauty of this product while it’s properly framed where it should be – in a kitchen and not in a showroom display or some sexy image shot on the Viking Web site. I am stunned at the beauty of this product as it sits so proudly between the white cabinets and marble countertops. Fantastic job with the cabinets by Andrew Carr.
The owner of the home is a discerning cook and did his homework before purchasing. While the massive BTU’s (which Viking has been trumpeted in their ads) were alluring he was more concerned with the ability to hold heat at lower temps as well as the overall construction. Suffice to say, he loves his Viking.

Viking 7 Series Range in Bronxville NY - Curto's Appliances, Cabinets by Andrew Carr.

Viking 7 Series Range in Bronxville NY – Curto’s Appliances, Cabinets by Andrew Carr.

Viking 30″ Range Battle – RVGR3305 vs. VGCC5304 – Review

Written by Appliance Dude | November 14th, 2014


Due to the opening of the new Curto’s showroom my time on camera was significantly limited throughout the summer and early Fall. Well friends, the time is now ripe for my return so I’m ready to start dropping love and knowledge all over the appliance biz again.

You’ll notice many changes in my new videos – I’ve got a new set (what other appliance dealership do you know that has a TV studio?!), a plethora of new appliances to talk about and many other surprises which I’ll be dropping on the public’s collective heads in the coming months.
Damn, I love my new home!

So let’s start off with one of my favorite brands – Viking. This post is dedicated to analyzing the difference between the two Viking 30″ ranges – the RVGR3305BSS and the VGCC5304BSS. I am seeing a lot of play on these models and a lot of questions about their features so it only made sense to produce a video post.

**NB - please note that I was remiss in mentioning a MAJOR difference which is the broiler system. The 3 Series RVGR3305BSS uses a bulky and somewhat antiquated broil element (that in my opinion takes up a lot of room in the oven cavity). The VGCC5304BSS uses the classic Viking infrared broiler which is hotter, sears better and takes up less room in the oven can. I will shoot another vid detailing these two.

Any questions please hit me up at Jonathan at curtos dot com or come into the showroom. Also, I do not take solicitations…I’m too busy helping people learn about appliances, sorry!

Roll ‘em…..

Wolf DF366 36″ Range – I Like the Stainless Knobs

Written by Appliance Dude | November 7th, 2014

Appliance Dude Riffs on the Wolf DF366 36″ range

Someone once told met that buying a Wolf range without the red knobs would be like buying a Mercedes without the logo.
I know the red knobs are their trademark.
I’m not here to argue that.

But my position is…the stainless knobs look better!


Wolf DF366 Stainless 36" Range - Curto's Westchester County

Wolf DF366 36 Range Review - Curto's Westchester NY

New Viking Induction Cooktops

Written by Appliance Dude | November 4th, 2014

First post on the new Curto’s blog!

The New 36" Viking Inducttion Cooktop - Most Powerful in the Biz

The New 36″ Viking Induction Cooktop – Most Powerful in the Biz

Have to give it to my friends at Viking who keep pumping out such innovative new product. 2014 has given us the 7 Series ranges, French Door Double Oven, new built-in refrigeration that’s pretty much bulletproof, new gas cooktops…now the party moves to induction.

Not only are the new induction cooktops absolutely sexy looking with their cool blue LED lights that illuminate cooking zones and an updated beveled edge which looks great and allows for easier cleanup, but this baby packs POWER.

On the 36″ model there are 6 induction elements that each pack 3700 watts of power. If you convert watts to BTU’s, those 3700 watts are equivalent to each burner being rated at 26,584 BTU’s. Where’s the wok!?

The 30″ and 36″ induction cooktops will be available in late November. Stay tuned!

Viking VGCC5304BSS 30 Range – Nice Sliding Racks!

Written by Appliance Dude | October 12th, 2014

For anyone who may have questioned the value of sliding racks in their range or wall oven, please watch the following video. I’ve shot the inside of a Viking VGCC5304BSS 30″ range which comes with 3 racks – 2 sliders and one conventional one.
Folks, you’ll never use your conventional oven rack again!

Largest Viking Display in NYC Metro Area – Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | October 10th, 2014

Here’s about 30%…and to think that industry folk thought we were nuts to stand behind Viking! We are proud contrarians and the bet is paying off. Great product, happy customers!

If you are shopping for Viking appliances and you live in the NY/NJ/CT area stop in to Curto’s new showroom and feel the Viking love. You will not see a bigger and more well-thought display anywhere.

Viking Display Showroom - NY Curto's