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Electrolux French Door vs. GE Cafe French Door Refrigerator

Written by Appliance Dude | June 2nd, 2009

Since the economy crashed last fall, it’s been amazing to watch how consumers appliance preferences have changed.  The high-end lines have been displaced by the upper-middle tier. Bad news for Viking et al, good news for KitchenAid, JennAir and especially the new line of Electrolux appliances and the GE Cafe line.

At Curto’s we’ve extensively trained our sales force on both lines,  placed the GE Cafe and Electrolux displays back to back in a premium spot in the showroom and maintained the notion ‘let the best line win”.

We just had the GE cafe and Electrolux french door refrigerators added to the displays and it’s been interesting getting customer’s feedback. Here’s what I’ve heard from consumers:

Electrolux French Door Pros

– gorgeous design, interior lighting is “amazing”

– box seems well built

Electrolux French Door Cons

– price tag is a joke ($2899-$3699, set by Electrolux via UMRP policy)

– ice machine takes away valuable space in fridge (good point – why is the ice machine located in the refrigerator?)

GE Cafe French Door Pros

– Nice price! (over $800-1000 less than comparable stainless in Electrolux)

GE Cafe French Door Cons

– Feels “cheaper” in comparison to Electrolux when opening doors and drawers

GE Cafe French Door Refrigerator - Curto.com

GE Cafe French Door Refrigerator - Curtos.com

Electrolux Ew23bc70is French Door Refrigerator at Curtos.com

Electrolux Ew23bc70is French Door Refrigerator at Curtos.com

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