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GE WHRE5550KWW Washer – No to Agitator, Yes to Savings

Written by Appliance Dude | June 19th, 2009

The recently introduced GE WHRE5550KW washer is unique as it is a top loader washer WITHOUT an agitator.

Since it uses a HydroWave Infusor instead, it is gentler on your clothes and creates tremendous savings for consumers. When compared to non Energy Star qualified GE topload washers the WHRE5550KWW:

Saves up to 54% in energy consumption

Saves up to 46% in water usage

Another benefit is that by removing the agitator, they have increased the capacity to 4.1 cu ft so that can handle king-size and family-size loads (hint…comforters).

Since these are priced in the upper $400’s, it is a tremendous bargain. You’re getting “frontloader functionality” at a toploader price point. Gotta Love it!

WHRE5550KWW Topload washer - Curtos.com

WHRE5550KWW Topload washer - Curtos.com

GE WHRE5550KWW washer infusor at work - Curtos.com

GE WHRE5550KWW washer infusor at work - Curtos.com

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2 Responses

  1. Betty Broccolo says:

    I Hate the washer without an agitator. I just got one and I am already swapping it for one with an agitator. I don’t like the squeekie noise that it makes and it tangles my sheets something awful.

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