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DCS and Fisher Paykel Appliances: Dead or Alive?

Written by Appliance Dude | July 16th, 2009

Dateline: Westchester County….

I find it amazing (and somewhat sad) how both industry insiders (and some consumers) are writing off the Fisher Paykel and DCS brands. There was some talk about Fisher Paykel’s financial solvency, but in meetings I had with a contingent from their home base in New Zealand, there are no worries.

So let’s talk product. IMHO, right now there is no better value buy in the high-end appliance cooking space than DCS. You can quote me on that. I’m going to devote a longer blog post to the merits of DCS but it will be worth it. It’s a damn good brand, so good that I’m even considering putting it in my own kitchen.

And as far as Fisher Paykel goes, if you are looking for a more Euro, sleek style for your kitchen and you aren’t doing built-in refrigerator, than Fisher Paykel offers enough appliances to make for a killer suite of appliances. And if the Fisher Paykel refrigerator isn’t appealing and you need to go with a SubZero, Monogram or the like, then you the Fisher Paykel appliance line of wall ovens, ranges, dishwashers and hoods will blend in seamlessly.

It’s a shame no one is talking about these brands because in these budget-conscious days that are so driven by VALUE, Fisher Paykel and DCS are brands that definitely deliver in the performance, looks and value columns.

And by the way, you can take Consumer Reports’ recent claim that Fisher Paykel dishwashers have the highest rate of problems, I can refute that. Simply put, Curto’s has sold its fair share of Fisher Paykel dishdrawers throughout Westchester County, New Jersey, New York City other pockets of the US and the complaints have been few and far between.

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