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Thermador Professional Series Wall Ovens at Curto’s Appliances

Written by Appliance Dude | August 13th, 2009

Face of Thermador Wall Oven at Curto's Appliances

Face of Thermador Wall Oven at Curto's Appliances

One of my clients in Scarsdale in Westchester County NY recently purchased high end kitchen appliances from Curto’s and opted to mix brands. The wall oven was a Thermador, the cooking range was from another high-end competitor.
I received a phone call from them 3 months after delivery and they stated that they loved the Thermador Professional Series oven and wished that they had purchased an entire Thermador kitchen because the other brands didn’t meet the performance of the Thermador. Another strong testament to the power of Thermador’s wall ovens. They are damn good pieces.

Thermador’s calling card is their wall ovens, and their Professional Series sets the standard for high end cooking appliances. The Thermador Professional Series Built-in Oven features:

Speed Convection which reduces cooking time up to 30%
The largest oven capacity at 4.7 cu ft.
– A heavy duty rotisserie which boasts a 12 lb capacity
True convection cooking for quick and even results
– A superfast preheat which can heat up the oven in less than 7 minutes
Fastest self-clean in the market (2 hours)
Sturdy telescopic racks which glide smoothly on ball bearings – this means safe, easy access to your meals

The Thermador Professional Series Ovens are only available in 30″ wide varieties.

Prices range from $3999 for the 30″ single Deluxe to $5799 for the triple combination Micro/wall oven/warming drawer.

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