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GE WPRE6150KWT Washer Review – Another Bestseller at Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | September 17th, 2009

In these value-driven times, I would have to say that the GE Profile WPRE6150KWT washer has turned out to be one of the biggest sellers at Curto’s Appliances.GE hit a home run with this piece. Here’s what it delivers:

– Washer priced around $500
– Energy Star-rated
– Offers stainless steel tub which is more hygienic
– Has a shortened agitator, which is gentler on fabric
– Offers a colossal 4.1 cu ft of capacity – yes, you can stuff a comforter in here

When you consider that the WPRE6150 is also rebated, it’s a no-lose proposition! This piece has cut into sales of the current king of top-loading laundry, the Whirlpool Cabrio. While the Cabrio is huge and offers several bells and whistles, it’s also several hundred dollars more expensive than the WPRE6150KWT. The consumer will determine what is the better buy.

GE Wpre6150kwt washer at Curtos.com

GE Wpre6150kwt washer at Curtos.com

GE wpre6150kwt washer - Curtos.com

GE wpre6150kwt washer - Curtos.com

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