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Shop Smart for Kitchen Appliance Packages

Written by Appliance Dude | December 8th, 2009

A recent customer at Curto’s Appliance store was debating on whether to buy an entire kitchen appliance package now, or, just buy the one piece he absolutely needed now, and wait for the Spring for the rest of the appliances. The idea to wait a bit was provoked by his fear of the economy and thought that the manufacturers would offer better incentives on kitchen appliance packages in the Spring. My response…no way are you getting a better deal in the Spring than you are now.

The Spring time means home improvement season has kicked in, so the appliance marketplace will receive a boost from that. Plus, the govt looks like they are moving forward with Cash for Clunkers for appliances in late February, so the manufacturers won’t have much reason to provide further incentives with all that momentum going on. In the dead of winter, appliance manufacturers and dealers are looking to move product, pure and simple. Whether it’s to juice the cash flow, hit a volume quota or to clear the floor for the 2010 models, dealers are ready to deal NOW.

Plus manufacturers are offering great rebates – GE has it’s $500 back on a package of Profile or GE Cafe appliances (by the way we feel the GE Cafe line may just be the best value in home kitchen appliances right now). Thermador has its 1-2 FREE program.
Bosch is giving back $300 on a pair of frontload washer/dryer + additional monies for kitchen appliances.
The deals for kitchen appliance packages are there friends!

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