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Why SubZero Refrigerators Remind Me of Led Zeppelin

Written by Appliance Dude | July 13th, 2010

So I have a couple from Greenwich CT in the showroom and the wife has me cornered…

CT Appliance Customer:: “Why do SubZero’s cost more than KitchenAid built-in fridges?”.


CT Appliance Customer:“Is it true that they break down?”

CT Appliance Customer:“I need to know why SubZero’s are as good as they are touted to be. Sell me on it.”

Wow. Where to begin? I start off like so….

“SubZero refrigerators are the finest in the business…I know this first hand…my parents, and grandparents, and aunts and uncles have owned them for decades. I’ve had countless customers come in here looking to replace their decades old 500-series models who swear at the altar of the Wisconsin company. They wouldn’t be caught DEAD with anything save for a Sub in their kitchen.”

” I also visited the SubZero factory 4 years ago and got a first-hand look at how the refrigerators are not only made, but how they are checked for quality (by humans!). So in terms of quality, prestige, brand power, reliability, looks and now even more so than ever functionality (due to all of the whiz bang things that SubZero has implemented in the “built-in” series) I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that they are not only the grand-daddy of the whole concept of built-in refrigeration, but, even decades after they debuted, they are still the torch bearers and the ones who create the standard that everyone else in the business reaches for. Kind of like…(I’m thinking of an analogy and I guess the fact that I was playing “Houses of the Holy” on the way in lead to this)…Led Zeppelin. You know, it’s like no one can touch them, even 40 years later. They are the father and standard-bearers of hard rock. ”

“Ok makes sense”, she says, still trying to process this.

I don’t know if she digs the analogy. Maybe I should have used Shania Twain or Michael Buble instead of Zeppelin. I’m about to re-engage when her husband looks up from his Blackberry for the first time in 20 mins and says “That’s good enough for me. Buy the SubZero.”

And that was it…no more questions, just a credit card, a thank you and on the way out the husband leans towards me and say, “Saw them at the Garden in ’73. Loved it. When we need a dishwasher, let me know which one is closest to the early 70’s Stones and you’ve got a sale.”

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