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Are Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Prone to Problems?

Written by Appliance Dude | October 2nd, 2010

This is a five year old post and is now closed for comments.

One of the common questions I receive when someone is considering an Electrolux French Door Refrigerator pertains to their reliability. The question makes sense as most people in this country know Electrolux as a vacuum-manufacturer and don’t realize that Electrolux has been producing home appliances in Europe for decades. The doubt regarding a vacuum manufacturer breaking into the kitchen appliance game isn’t unfounded. Would you trust Hoover with $200 worth of organic groceries if they started making fridges?

The Electrolux refrigerators, both in the regular line and in the Icon imprint, are not only pleasing to the eye and chock full of features, but they are made well. I’ve been selling the Icon line for about 5 years and the regular Electorlux line for about 2+, and problems have been sporadic at best.

However any discussion of the potential for problems with Electrolux French Door fridges must mention the microchip issue that both lines experienced earlier this year (2010). The information I have is that there was a defective microchip in both Icon and regular Electrolux fridges which offered a water/ice dispenser on the outside door. This chip was creating problems with the icemaker. To Electrolux’ credit, they pulled thousands of refrigerators from warehouses across the country and held up distribution of new models until the problem was rectified. As of Spring 2010, the problems seem to have been rectified.

As for Electrolux, the action of pulling all of the refrigerators and halting production of newer ones was an incredible sign of their unswerving customer service. Most other manufacturers would not have assumed the expense of taking product back, making changes, then shipping the product back out again, an expensive endeavor to say the least. Many other manufacturers would have just waited for the defective refrigerators to reach consumer homes, then make the changes on site. To Electrolux’ credit, they wanted everything fixed prior to home delivery so there would be no chance of staining the brand equity of their name and of their line of french door refrigerators.

So as I tell the many people who visit Curto’s appliance store shopping for Electrolux French Door refrigerators, buy with confidence. They look great, come in a variety of styles, are built well, plus you have the added benefit of knowing that Electrolux stands 100% behind its product.

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38 Responses

  1. jim Herzing says:

    I puchased a french door stainless refridgerator in July 10. It was manufactured in January 10. I have had nothing but problems with the ice maker. It freezes up and quits working every 2 to 3 weeks. All three computers have been changed, the ice maker has been “updated” wih many new parts. The result is the same. I have now stored a hair dryer near by so that I can quickly thaw the ice maker every couple of weeks. Electrolux customer service is friendly enough, just not fixing the problem after 5 onsite visits and countless calls.

    • Appliances says:

      They have told me that the problem is FINALLY fixed. No more fancy ice cubes. Just run of the mill ones now.
      Your cocktails won’t look as nice but at least the fridge will work!

      • emms says:

        Nothing but problems! You are deceiving people with your comments “Appliance Dude”. The Electrolux French Door ice maker is a joke! We’ve had a repairman out on 8 different occasions to no avail.

      • Appliance Dude says:

        emms I’m not deceiving anyone. Electrolux has rebuilt these fridges from the ground up years ago. We haven’t seen any problems in years. But if you are still having a problem let me know and I’ll tell Electrolux…though the dealer you purchased from should be going to bat for you!

  2. janet grote says:

    I purchased an Electrolux SS French door refrigerator two months ago;the freezer has not functioned properly since it arrived. The freezer door keeps freezing up so I cannot open it. To unfreeze the door takes over over 20 hours–and the entire refrig has to be turned off! Repairmen have already replaced the defective icemaker. It was leaking badly;at one point I couldn’t get the freezer door closed and spent an hour stabbing at ice in the back, removed it to close the door. This kept happening until the repairman could get there again. Now today a third visit; but even after having the refrigerator off for 20 hours he couldn’t open the door, so has to come back tomorrow–my fourth visit. This is so frustrating: the hours picking out the ice; work hours wasted waiting for the repairman– 4 hour windows, and I always seem to be last, cannot leave the house. I waited 15 years for a new refrigerator.

    • Jonathan says:

      Janet – call the store you purchased it from and see if they can get Electrolux to take it back!
      I know Electrolux has been very proactive in taking care of the fridge problems in the field. Best of luck!

  3. Tod says:

    Mine has been awful. Ice maker repaired three times including last week. Temperature controls are broken again. The fridge is set at 37 but refuses to go above 26. Repair folks are on the way again for the fifth time and third time in one month. Food has been ruined each time.
    Junk. And customer service says “take it up with the extended warranty company”. Lousy company if you ask me. They should recall all of them. You should stop selling them.

    • Jonathan says:

      Tod with that amount of service calls you should take it up with the retailer and see if they can get ELX to pull it.
      I know they have been doing that in some cases. I had customers in here the other day that were asking me about the
      models with water/ice in the door…I was like “stay away…until new models come out next month which have removed the function which caused icemakers to shut down.” We won’t sell any ice/water in the door.

  4. John says:

    Garbage! No way to describe the french door refrigerators other than that. Great look, terrible ice maker. After purchasing 1000’s of GE appliances for developers and having no problems, why did I let my wife talk me into purhasing Electrolux? 10 service calls and my ice maker still does not work. Even the dishwasher has problems. No one can explain how the water is not hot going into the dishwasher when its only connected to the hot water supply line.

    • Jonathan says:

      John, your opinion seems to similar to many folks who have purchased the older units. I can only hope that the
      new releases have fixed this problem.
      10 service calls, 20 service calls, doesn’t matter, the fridge needs to be pulled as it won’t be fixed!

  5. Shveta says:

    Hi John — I am building a new kitchen and would like to get the electrolux french door external dispenser fridge but am nervous based on all the reviews of the ice maker problems. Have you had any feedback on the new wave touch and IQ touch models? Any advise you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


    • Jonathan says:

      The new ones have been in the field for about 1-2 mos now. We really need to get to the 9-12 month mark
      before I start declaring “winner”. I do know that they completely removed the components that were causing the problems before
      so I’m confident that it should be ok, but you never know. If you really want to be safe, don’t get the external dispenser. They take up too much room in the fridge anyway.

    • Sharon jacobs says:

      Yes, I have the2009 Electrolux French door model and had the ice maker changed once while brand new within the its year of warranty. Then it quit working. We just gave up and use the ice in the garage fridge as we did not keep buying a warranty replacement each year. Now not quite 6 years later the high temp light is on in the frig. We have unplugged, checked to be sure the doors are closed. Long story short , we are so sick of this almost $4,000 refrigerator that I am ready to junk it. Also had endless problems with the Electrolux dishwasher and replaced it within a year with a Kenmore Elite and have had no further problems. I am very unhappy with Electrolux. Would never recommend or buy again!😒

  6. Scott says:

    I have a 4 year old french door electrolux fridge (ss that i paid $2500 for), no ice maker problems……much worse, the entire unit stopped running – fridge and freezer. After paying for service calls and dealing with their “customer service” reps at the 1-800 number they finally agreed to send me both control boards. Note- one of the boards (user interface/touch board located above the ice dispensor) had been on back order for 8 months. That tells me they are having major problems. It gets worse……they sent the user interface board and the master control board, indicating that both must be replaced. After having another service call to have both boards replaced, the unit still will not work – not the fridge and not the freezer. I continue to get error codes on the display….which by the way are not listed in the owners manual and you have to call “customer service” to find out what the codes mean. You would think you would get more than 4 years out of a $2500 investment! I’LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ELECTROLUX APPLIANCE! AND I’LL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO DO THE SAME! STAY AWAY FROM ELECTROLUX! TOTAL PIECE OF CRAP!

  7. Nancy says:

    After your positive comments about the Electrolux refrigerators, don’t you have any positive reviews from consumers? I have heard very positive things about the line and I am seriously thinking of purchasing one, but have no intention of getting the water/ice dispenser on the door. We have had bad luck with them on other brands and just think they are an unnecessary hassle. We don’t mind getting the ice from inside the freezer! Can you give any feedback on their dishwashers and gas ranges? We would like to stay with the same line for all the appliances. Thanks for your input.

  8. JohnC says:

    Why does this thing never want to work right, Fridge broke again today not sure what it is yet looks like fan not blowing or something. List of previous problems is the ice maker (apparently like everyone else) Controll board display, and now what ever this ends up being. Problems I’ve had with my 10 yr old soda fridge that this one replaced…. none. Will certainly never buy electrolux appliances again

  9. matt bucko says:

    Bought our ELux French Door frig in 2010. The first year ELux had to send out repair techs 4 times due to the Rube Goldberg style ice maker failing. In 2 years of ownership, 8 more repair calls, 4 rev kits, new molds, seals, controller boards, gear box…. UGGG. Now, a week before 2012 Thanksgiving, broken ice maker again.
    The poor repair people are second in line to the poor suckers who bought this frig.
    I don’t care if ELux has fixed it. They should have recalled the whole mess. This has resulted in a lost customer for life.
    Matt, Phoenix, AZ

  10. Steve says:

    Like others we purchased the french door Elux refrigerator in 2010. Styling is great, works as a refrigerator and a Freezer very well. The ice maker was problematic from the onset, goes on holiday at random, easily over 15 different repair actions, and 2 different service companies. Elux was responsive while it was under warranty, even extended the warranty for 6 months. Eventually though that ran out and they started to balk at calls for service. In order to keep myself from blowing a gasket I bought the extended service contract. Like Matt above our ice maker went on holiday the week before Thanksgiving. I had finally had enough and contacted Elux via the “contact us” link on their website. Amazingly I got a response in a couple of days. They are replacing our refrigerator or refunding our purchase price. I am pleased they are doing something about the issue, trying to decide if I want another Elux, the new unit has 2 ice makers, wondering if that is double trouble…

    • Gary says:

      What is the “new” model that has two icemakers?
      I have the EW28BS711S.
      Mine has been in the ice maker never worked for long category.

    • Ardie says:

      I have a brand new Elux with 2 ice makers. Only problem I have had (and still do) is with water leaking sporadically from bottom somewhere. Technician decided today that it was not from the freezer, but couldn’t determine where. That’s why I’m on here reading comments. So far, so good. Just the leak every few days. Guy wants to catch it in action. Good luck. Seems to happen at night. We’ll see. This is the model that Kelley Rippa shows in the commercial. I bought it for the shallow depth to fit in my new house kitchen. Like it, especially that drawer she shows.

  11. George Risher says:

    Same thing. Bought the electrolux french door frig in June 2010. Ice maker has had 8 service calls and lots of same parts replaced over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. That’s 7 over agains.

    Also bought an electrolux dishwasher. Absolutely quietest and I think the best dishwasher on the market–when it’s running. Had 3 service calls on that–drain valve and motors went belly up.

  12. Mai says:

    I have a french door electrolux Model EW28B7Iisa. Had a power outage the other night due to a storm. My display panel says, power failure and it won’t clear. The icons in the top, right hand – on/off and the alarm on/off don’t work now. All the other icons work. The appliance guy told me I would have to replace the whole board at a cost of $380 just for the part. How can this part be so expensive? Also, how can the other icons still work and these 2 don’t? Is there no reset button anywhere?

  13. SoFe says:

    Help! Everything in the freezer side of our Electrolux side-by-side is covered with a heavy “frost.” And I mean heavy — ice crystals at least half an inch long, and many longer. It looks like a blizzard hit overnight. What’s up with that, and how do I keep it from happening? Advice welcome!

  14. June Busch says:

    I have an Electrolux EW28BS71ISO. Shortly after we bought it the icemaker went and for $400 we replaced the system and it works sort of. But now the water line keeps freezing up. It thaws out and freezes intermittently. We had a repairman come and thaw if one time but it promptly froze up again. Not been happy with the fridge. My husband just hates the ice maker although it kind of works. But when you get the ice it comes it with chips flying everywhere. I figures out the ice will melt just enough to get wet and then stick together. So when you go to get ice it can’t come out properly because the cubes are stuck together.

  15. Kim says:

    So Fe. I have the same issue. I have been chipping away at ice and slam it shut. It seems to slowly open slightly on one side. I can’t figure out how to fix. No warranty. Uggg

  16. Donald Campbell says:

    sigh…same problems as above. Ice maker broke…repairman. Console malfunction…repairman. Water dispenser stopped working…gave up. Now the freezer door will not seal properly.

  17. DAVID BLUHM says:


  18. Tom says:

    I have had our electrolux french door fridge for two years now. What a nice machine! None of the problems listed here. It has been trouble free.

  19. Barbara Rogers says:

    I bought a Electrolux a french door fridge with ice maker that is now broken! Also a Electrolux microwave and the door handle keeps breaking off and an electric range that is constantly beeping and showing error code of E15!!! They are all two years old!!! If anyone is buying appliances Electrolux is not the appliance to buy!! They should just stick to making vacuums!

  20. Sam says:

    Just bought an Electrolux French door (Model EI28BS80K).. Whole family excited. Took a looong time pulling off the sticked on plastic on entire front silver-stainlesssteel.. Turned it on. .. Worked for an hour and a few minutes. Then started making beeps. Showed some digits on its control panel on left door side. Pressed the On button, trying to make it clear. Pressed the DEFAULT SETTING.. It didnt chnage. Plugged it out for 30 minutes. PLugged it back in and it started working ok for about 3 minutes. Then it shut itself off completely . Its dead as if there is no power to it. All the food in there need refrigeration. We called the company’s hotline, but snice its after 8am EST, no answer. Now, no fridge, all food getting spoiled if not having some good neighbors willing to take out food. We bought the Electrolux because its (suppose) to be very very good!…

  21. Julie says:

    We paid over $3500 for our stainless steel French door refrigerator because it is counter-depth and had to be stainless on the sides also, and that was the price with a ding on the side (so discounted a bit). I think we actually are on our third because of ice maker issues. They have replaced the whole thing twice when not able to fix it, and now this one which we’ve had 1.5-2 years is doing the same thing and we fortunately put an extended warranty on it. We see the repairman constantly who thaws it out, puts lots of spongy stuff around the ice maker and keeps saying it should be fixed. Then it starts to hum loudly, then the ice stops, sometimes it is such a loud hum that it is ridiculous and we have to turn the whole refrigerator off for awhile to get it to stop. Right now it is starting to hum after being repaired less than a week ago. This is totally unbelievable that they can’t figure this out and get this fixed. We bought it before a complete kitchen remodel and would have certainly gone a different route but because of the money we paid for it, we kept it in our remodel. FRUSTRATED!!!

    • Appliance Dude says:

      Wow, I did not know that ELX fridges were still giving folks migraines. These fridges were all rebuilt around 2-3 years ago.
      Maybe this is an older serial number?
      This will haunt ELX forever….

      • JimKirk says:

        The Fridge not only sux (repaired, replaced, repaired again, failed again) the sux range also blew a $600 control board 2x, the microwave was improperly painted on the bar that emits microwaves and burned through, but the dishwasher only had 1 repair.

  22. Rob says:

    All I can say is BEWARE of their home appliances. I have had problems with the fridge for 2 years and basically Electrolux says its your problem. Fridge wont cool for the 11th time in 2 years. I love their vacuums but their fridges stink and its not like your spending a grand its like three grand plus so save your money. Im about to take mine to the curb. I hope my review scares a few people away save your money!

  23. Druanne Haugan says:

    I bought 5 Electrolux appliances in 2008. The dishwasher didn’t work immediately ( didn’t clean the dishes at all). After 4 technician visits, it still didn’t work so I returned and bought a different brand. Then the hybrid cooktop only burns or is low heat. Technician said that is how they work. Oven temperatures not calibrated, technician in to fix. Last year microwave failed, bought a different brand. Now this week returned home from week vacation to a CE error on fridge and a smelly wet mess as all our food in freezer thawed. So in five years, 2 appliances failed completely and I have had problems with the other 3. I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE ELECTOLUX AGAIN. At the same time I bought a cheap beverage fridge from Costco. It is still working as good as new.

  24. will kiser says:

    I also purchased a Electrolux SS French door refrigerator. I spent over $3,000. 00. I have nothing but trouble with the ice maker and water dispenser . The first time I had to replace the control board and ice maker at a cost of over $500.00. Now, not even six month later the water line is freezing up. The repairman just left another $75.00 and can’t fix it without Electrolux sending another repair kit. Of course I refused to too purchase the extended warrantee, after all the Electrolux refrigerator cost more than the others. I incorrectly assumed it was a quality product. Lesson learned ! Just because it cost more does not make it better. Buyer beware..

  25. Naomi says:

    I’ve had my Electrolux fridge for five years. I don’t have the model with water in the door, but it is prone to all the same problems I’ve seen described in this chain… AND the first week we had it, the light inside the fridge caught fire and melted the ceiling of the unit. Since then, every time the water filter needed to be changed, the ice-maker quit working. I bought filters direct from Electrolux, but have never been able to successfully install them myself. I have tried to no avail, then called a service company, paid $385 another mystery part, and had it fixed for the next 3-6 months. My service guy explained that the reason I can’t change the water filter myself is that the unit doesn’t have a water dispenser in the door, so you can’t run water through the filter to get it started. Perfect example of flawed design. Not a chance you can make it work without a technician’s assistance. When my ice maker quit working over the weekend (again), I changed the water filter myself. I still haven’t had ice for 5 days… I thought I might pop the new filter out and try again today. When I pushed the button, the filter SHOT across my kitchen with enough force to have left a bruise if I’d been standing in front of it… or to have caused serious injury to a child. The new, unused filter then started oozing gray water on the floor. I decided to call the 800 number. I was on hold for 20 minutes before I talked to an agent. She put me on hold for another 20 minutes before another agent picked up who had not been briefed on my problem. I told him the same story over again. He said, let me get you to the replacement department. He switched off as a recording cheerily announced that the department is only open until 5:00 EDT, “call back another time!” and promptly disconnected. I’ve spent way more on maintenance than I did on the fridge. It is a GIANT lemon. Do yourself a favor and NEVER buy Electrolux. Electrolux SUX!

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