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Wolf Appliance Range Buyer’s Guideven

Written by Appliance Dude | October 3rd, 2010

Wolf Dual Fuel Range Curto's Appliances
Here are the most frequently asked questions I recieve from customers shopping for Wolf Appliances.

Q. My kitchen has a unique shape and I need to vent right out of the back of the hood. Is it true that if I buy a Wolf hood can I only vent through the top?

A. Wolf Hoods are made to vent directly through the top but there are various models that also have a horizontal discharge kit which can be obtained as an accessory. There should be NO CHARGE for this piece so don’t let your dealer rob you by charging for it!

Q. The dual fuel ranges are so much more expensive than the Wolf gas ranges. What’s the reason for the upcharge and is it worth it?

A. The upcharge depends on what is important to you. If you cringe at the thought of manually cleaning your oven than the dual fuel is your move since it offers self cleaning. Also, if you are a hardcore baker and frequently make pastries, you will probably want to opt for an oven that is powered by electricity (dual fuel) because the drier heat is more conducive to baking and the dual convection fan system will create a more even temperature within the oven cavity.
If none of those points apply to you, by all means snatch the gas range and potentially save thousands of dollars depending on what size Wolf range that you purchase.

Q. What color knobs should I buy?

A. Yes, I am asked this question, FREQUENTLY. The burgundy/red knobs are the Wolf trademark so if you were to walk into someone’s kitchen and see the red knobs, you’ll know right away that they are rocking a Wolf. It’s a brand thing. I would say 9 out of 10 customers buy the red.

Q. I am buying a 36″ Wolf range. Should I go with six burners or buy 4 burners + a charbroiler or griddle.

A. No brainer here. Go with the six burners, ESPECIALLY if you entertain.
You can never have enough burners on a 36″ and I’m not a fan of the charbroiler for reasons that I will explain next…

Q. I am buying a 48″ Wolf range. Should I go with 8 burners, or 6 burners and a griddle or charbroiler.

A. I think 8 burners are overkill unless you are running a catering hall out of your kitchen. If you are going to go with the griddle or charbroiler, run with the griddle. I don’t like the charbroiler b/c it’s anything but a true “grill”. It’s electric heat and in my opinion does not provide the charred sear that you should be acccustomed to on an outdoor grill. Secondly, the charbroiler isn’t wide enough to cook alot of food efficiently. When I used one in the Wolf test kitchen I was constantly losing the chicken, fish or vegetables that I was grilling over the side because the charbroiler cooking surface just wasn’t wide enough. If you must have an accessory on top, go with the griddle and enjoy your pancakes and bacon!

Q. What is the difference between the Wolf E-series and L-series ovens?

A. Aside from price? The E-series doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves. Originally built as a value piece for builders, the E-series offers many of the features of the L-series at a lower price. The E-series only comes in 30″ flavor whereas the L-series is also available as a 36″ model. The big difference in my eyes lies in the looks. The L-Series is more powerful looking and offers the flip display panel which hides the controls with a mere touch. The L-series controls are always visible and from a design perspective I think they are just a little clunkier than the L-series look. What do you think?
Wolf L-Series Oven - Curto's Appliances
Wolf E-Series Oven

Q. Do You Like the Wolf Gas or Dual Fuel Ranges?
A. I am partial to the traditional Wolf gas ranges. I like the looks, I like the lower price and I don’t really need the dual convection fans or self clean move.

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    I have a 48″ gas range with griddle. Is it possible to attach a down draft ventilation to the back of it?

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