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GE Cafe Gas Range – CGS980SEMSS – The Price is Right, The Range is Great

Written by Appliance Dude | October 5th, 2010

I feel like writing a letter to Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, and telling him that whomever at GE came up with idea of the GE Cafe line of appliances should have a statue of themselves erected in front off the appliance division’s headquarters in Lousville, Kentucky.

Simply put, the GE Cafe line of appliance has been impervious to the Great Recession of 2008-2010. The 30″ gas range – the CGD980SEMSS – has been a particular smash for the GE Cafe series. The genius behind the CGS980SEMSS is that it delivers so much value to consumers without breaking their wallets in to pieces. For a little over $2000 consumers are getting a pro-style range (pro in looks mind you, not performance) that is technically a freestanding range but looks so sleek and polished that it actually comes across as a slide-in range in the looks dept. The CGS980SEMSS also offers a second baking oven on the bottom (not a warming drawer). It’s self-cleaning, has convection, offers a power burner at 17K Btu and dual flame stacked burners that range from a 140 degree simmer to 18k BTU’s.

Plus from a design standpoint the CGS980SEMSS offers thick pro-style handles thus giving off the appearance that you have an $8000 range sitting in your kitchen.

The only complaint that I’ve received about these the CGS980SEMSS range is that the knobs were getting too hot (some customers actually mentioned that they were melting!?), GE has addressed this by changing the knobs to a stainless steel “style” and since this change I’ve never heard or read about a knob complaint again.

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