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The Beauty of the Electrolux Icon Oven Door – E30EW85GPS

Written by Appliance Dude | January 19th, 2011

I have always been a fan of the Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS double wall oven.
I think it looks great.
It’s priced very well.
It delivers a tremendous amount of features.
Even though it has been available for several years now (without any significant upgrades) it still holds its own as probably the best
value buy for a premium double wall oven.

If you’re thinking about this piece and need to be convinced for reasons beyond the stylish looks and the Wolf-imitation cobalt blue interior, then turn your attention to
the E30EW85GPS’ door. Yes, the door my friend.

The reason I like to highlight the door is that it is vastly superior to any other wall oven door in its price range (or even a bit higher).

If you open the door, you will notice that it is completely flat when laying open. Most wall oven doors have a bump that’s notched out of it.
Icon decided to create a completely flat door so that it would be easier to lay dishes on it. This is such a cool design that KitchenAid has now co-opted it for their Architect II
line of wall ovens.

You’ll also notice black circles on the inside of the oven door. They allow you access to remove the glass so you can clean the inside in case any condensation gets trapped in the door. Nice, huh? Can’t do that with other models!


Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS

electrolux_icon_oven_door - E30EW85GPS

Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS Oven Door

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12 Responses

  1. Sandi says:

    Hi. I also love this oven, but I can’t figure out how to clean between the glass when condensation drips down between the glass panes. You seem to know some sort of trick and I’d love to hear what it is. Thanks!

  2. Appliances says:

    Yes, the screws on the side.

    • Christine says:

      I unscrewed the side screws and there is still no way to remove the glass. I desperately need instruction! Please help!!

      • Ash says:

        Info for anyone trying to remove the glass. You have to remove the two screws at the bottom of the door first. After that it should become pretty clear how to proceed. Removal of the door from the oven is needed to access the screws.

  3. Jeanne Stuart says:

    I have an electrolux oven that has gotten moisture in-between the glass on the door and the only to clean it is to remove the whole door. I had it serviced just a month ago only to have it happen again the first week I used my oven. I called Electrolux to find a solution to this problem only to be told that that’s the way the oven is designed and since it was no longer under warranty they could not help me! The original oven I bought from Electrolux had the oven door crack to prices during the self cleaning cycle. I also went through 3 of their microwave ovens before getting one that did not break. Needless to say it has been a nightmare owning these appliances and I would run not walk away from anything built by Electrolux. Also, I forgot to mention that I was without my microwave and wall ovens for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years and well into the next year. It was a nightmare! Run don’t walk away! Jeanne Stuart

  4. George says:

    Ash is correct. I just completed this process and learned some extra points.

    1. Do not attempt this unless you are handy and can lift at least 20 lbs with your arms extended the doors are heavy and need to be removed before you can take off the glass.

    Note. pay attention to the order of the glass and if there is an bowing of the glass as you will want to reassemble in the same sequence.

    2. With the doors removed unscrew the two screws in each of the bottom glass stop. Note these are small sheet metal screws and you need to be carfull when replacing to not strip out the hole.

    3 With the glass stops removed lift the top glass off. Ease it out of the top brackets it will come pretty easy.

    4. The next layer can be removed the same way as the top, be gentle if it offers resistance only apply slight pressure to the glass.

    5. The final layer was the hardest to remove. If the side rubber seals are cooked onto the glass it will feel as if something is holding the glass in place. It is only the rubber seal. Slide a paint scraper between the seal and then frame to free it ( use some silicone spray if it is really hard, you will need to reuse the seal). If it is still resistant unscrew the three upper glass brackets. (DO NOT UNSCREW THE TWO SCREWS THAT ARE BETWEEN THE CENTER AND SIDE BRACKETS). Continue to gentely work the glass until it comes free.

    6. Clean

    7. Reassemble in reverse order. Note My glass was bowed, I assume this is due to the heat of the oven. Before you disasemble check this and replace each as it was removed. With the bow it can be difficult to get the glass to seat into the upper brackets, I used a wood yard stick between the layer to help algin it so it would slip into place.

  5. Nancy says:

    I’m with Jeanne! RUN as fast as you can away from any and all Electrolux kitchen appliances. I’ve already replaced my dishwasher and after only a very short time of owning an entire kitchen of Electrolux appliances I am counting the days until I can afford to replace ALL of them! JUNK! The oven is the most difficult oven I’ve ever had to clean, the refridgerator is poorly deisgned, and the gas cooktop burners “spark and tick” for no reason even when unlit, if other burners are lit. They’re warranty is terrible too! Buyers beware!

  6. Bert Q says:

    HELP! Working on an Electrolux Icon Double wall oven, cleaning the glass panes inside.

    I have the door off……..only took 30 seconds to remove, 3 to 4 hours to figure to how to do it though.

    There are 3 panes inside, excluding the glass in the door. After removing the 2 plastic squares at the bottom, the first two panes were removed with absolutely no problems. The last pain (PAIN!) isn’t budging….I have removed the screws on the side of the door, nothing seems to release this last pane.

    Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Bert Q

    • Bert Q says:

      No need to reply……finally got it.
      It’s really not that difficult, once you have an understanding of how it all works.
      The last pane was very difficult, many thanks to the blogger that advised using a putty knife to loosen up he glass. Once that happened , the rest was a breeze.
      It looks like a brand new oven……..the lower oven that’s hardly used needs it.
      I response to the folks that had issues with Electrolux. We’ve had ours for 9to 10 years, never had any problems (except for the stained glass) I would buy product again.

  7. Sharyn says:

    These doors suck. It took me forever to get them apart and then putting them back together was a freaking nightmare. Broke the corner screw in assembly (yea) now I get to call a service man to come and replace the part, stay tuned for the price. I am pissed!!!

  8. nancyp says:

    I bought a kitchen suite of 5 appliances which had to sit complete in original packaging until our kitchen remodel for 2 years. Remodelled & installed and had a significant problems with 3 requiring expensive repair Within a year. They would not stand behind the warranty since they had been purchased earlier than that. Where I purchased them said all other manufacturers will warranty from installation. I attempted to clean between the glass and had to call the repairman to get the door back together. I did go to their Facebook page and publicly complain about my repair issues. They made some amends, but still had to pay for the more expensive repairs. $480 to repair the micro-oven combo unit. That’s about half the cost for a new one. Complain on Facebook and you may get some compensation. I will likely not buy Icon again. My friend had problems with her Dacor too.

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