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Ramblings of an Kitchen Appliance Madman

Written by Appliance Dude | March 17th, 2011

My Random Thoughts on Various Kitchen Appliances, Discounts and Appliance Package Deals


– There are a hell of a lot more people asking me about ASKO dishwashers lately. Quiet, energy efficient, fat rebates, priced lower than other leading European dishwasher manufacturer. What’s not to like? And what about the Asko $100 rebate and the 3 year warranty. Winning.

– Speaking of dishwashers, I really like some of the new Bosch dw’s I saw at a recent buying show. The Ascenta model will be elevated from plastic piece of fill in the blank to a decent looking and feeling dishwasher for $499-$599. Will be a great buy and will not embarrass the Bosch name.

– More problems with Electrolux refrigerator ice makers? No, it’s solved, again. This time I have been promised, no, guaranteed, that the
issues are behind them. The solution was a software upgrade and the compromise is that you are going to get normal looking ice instead of those
sexy little cubes that looked more comfortable bobbing in someone’s glass in a NYC nightclub. If you are one of the 1 or 2 people out of a thousand that decide to plunk down over $2000 on a fridge because of what the ice cubes look like, be forewarned.

– About to put the Thermador steam oven on display after a 5-month delay. I actually sold one of these WAAAYYY back last summer when they weren’t even released and then my customer couldn’t wait for them to come out. They are larger and handsomer and less expensive than other steam competition. Check it.

– I like the Kitchen Aid ProLine series, another line of appliance packages that I passed on last Fall at their debut but will plan on doing gangbusters business with moving forward.
Not much different from the current KitchenAid Architect II series models but the fat handle certainly makes a statement. Aside from KitchenAid ProLine packages, you will probably see this find their way into packages with other appliance lines like GE Cafe and Viking Designer that show a pro handle.

– Attention NYC appliance shoppers – GE about to debut new Monogram 30″ Gas range with reduced burner output (now at 15k BTU) which will allow you to hang an OTR micro
above it. No need to vent out, and can’t think of another pro style range that you can match with a micro. Dig it. The ZGP304NRSS.

– The new DCS pro ranges look sweet. Real sweet. Just when I thought this company was going to get knocked out by upstarts like Capitol and the entrenched heavyweights in the pro range division, they step up to the R&D plate and roll out a true statement. Kudos to DCS for also changing what was probably the worse web site in the appliance industry. I can finally navigate around it without getting nauseous!

– Not officially a trend or a movement but it may start to gain traction – people moving away from front loading washers and dryers and going back to tried and true
toploaders with some semblance of sexiness – Maytag Bravos, GE Harmony, Whirlpool Cabrio.

– On a related note…people are asking for agitators again in their washers!

$499 Whirlpool Cabrio. Wow. Details to follow.

Yabba Dabba Do…..

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