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Buying Appliances Online…A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity and Protecting Your Wallet

Written by Appliance Dude | March 24th, 2011

Are you looking to buy appliances online?

Then read the following folks…even though you are probably saying to yourself “What creditable information is a brick and mortar appliance dealer going to give me about when it comes to buying appliances online?”

Well, I’m a bit different. I have a robust online kitchen appliance business which accompanies our brick and mortar operation. So I can see things from both sides.

The reason I decided to write this is because I deal with DROVES of people who are so friggin’ confused when it comes to selecting and purchasing their kitchen appliances.
First they can’t decide on brands which sometimes dovetails into questioning features.

Then there is the issue about whom to buy from.

Do I shop local?

Do I go to a big box retailer or an independent?

Do I buy online?

Do I go DEEP online and buy from someplace outside the “reputable” sites just so I can save a few bucks?

The first bit of advice I’m going to tell you is that if you opt to go online, buy from someone reputable. How do you gauge this?
How prominent does their site show up in Google organic rankings? How many reviews are there? Then GET ON THE PHONE with a salesperson.
Do they know what the hell they are talking about? Do they sound professional? Are they an authorized dealer? Do they return emails promptly?

What I would avoid, at all costs, are the bottom-feeders who are the low price prostitutes. I know, it’s an ugly image.
But these are the entities that list ridiculously low prices and then end up nailing you by either
A) Not shipping product
B) Sending you refurbished or open-box merchandise, or items that are out-of-warranty

Here is a 100% true story that I recently experienced.

Customer from New Jersey calls up my showroom and asks to beat a price on a Kitchen Aid dishwasher – model KUDE40FXSS. New Architect II piece. Beauty. Best seller.
The price he has is $150 below my wholesale cost. I had dealt with this customer before and as usual, I am painfully honest.
“My man,” I told him “you need to take that deal. I won’t touch it. Just be very, very careful about where this is coming from and whom you are dealing with.”

So about 2 weeks later, I receive a phone call from same customer. He needed a dishwasher.KitchenAid, KUDE40FXSS.
I’m like…whoa…what about the sick deal you received on the web?
“Oh”, he says, “the dishwasher came earlier in the week…with an open box, no cushioning inside…and a leftover sandwich inside it.


Is it really worth the risk to LOWBALL and shop for absolutely bottom-bottom pricing?

The answer is no.

If you took bids from contractors to do a major renovation on your home, you are never supposed to take the low bid. Why? Because an insanely low bid will ultimately bite your ass. The project overruns will mount up…”Oh we didn’t budget for this” says the contractor…and by that time it is too late to fire the guy because they are knee-deep in sawdust in your kitchen.

The analogy works here as well. Get a rock-solid, discounted price. Get free delivery. Just make sure to get it from someone who is going to be there in case of a problem.
You don’t want sandwiches showing up in your new dishwasher.

More to come…

Feel free to email me with questions at jonathan at curtos dot com.

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