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New Bosch Dishwasher Promotion till May 31 2011…Jump on This!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 7th, 2011

Starting in mid-May, Bosch will be taking the hammer to the rest of the dishwasher industry. Strong words, but ’tis the truth. Here’s why: Bosch will be offering rebates of up to $150 on select models till May 31. Yes, you ready that correctly: $150. (It is actually two rebates – 1 for $50, another for $100).

I can tell you that one of the dishwashers is my personal favorite (yes, I own it) SHX45L15UC from the 500 series. Figuring that this model usually sells in the high 8’s, when the rebate is applied you will net out at a tick above $700 for an utterly insane dishwasher.

You can get a list of the eligible dishwashers here.

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