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My Wolf Outdoor Grill – Part 1 – Burgers & BTU’s

Written by Appliance Dude | May 13th, 2011

Flame on!

We christened our new Wolf 36″ outdoor grill (Wolf OG-36) this evening in a simple and direct fashion – burger time!

As Nik prepped her Worcestershire & rosemary burgers along with balsamic-infused grilled Portobello mushrooms, I went to work setting up the grill. Here are a few notes:

1 – Are high-end grills worth the money? YES says the boss (my wife) who exclaimed that the first batch of burners I peeled off the Wolf grill were much better tasting that anything we had produced last summer on the Weber. I can see the marking line now…SPEND MORE…TASTES BETTER.

2. The grill’s sturdiness is pronounced. I especially love the dampened hinges on the hood which makes opening and closing seamless. It’s akin to a luxury car…you can feel how well-built it is just by opening a door. It just feels right…

3 – Manually lighting the OG-36 was challenging. There is an orifice (actually 2 of them) in the front of the grill which you need to direct the match into while pressing the gas knob in. One burner took about 5 mins to light (as I went through about 15 matches). I’m going to chalk this up to pilot error and hope for the best tomorrow night. If I have problems again, then implementing the push-button ignition is a lock (which will entail dropping an outdoor plug near the grill). In any case I will be calling Wolf tomorrow to see if there is any advice they can impart on quickly igniting this beast.

3 – After igniting the grill I rubbed the grates down with an olive-soaked paper towel. Why?
So the meat doesn’t stick. What does this have to do with the grill. Nothing. I just wanted to write it 🙂

4 – The grill is a friggin’ volcano. I didn’t realize how hot it was getting as the burners are hidden by the grates (much different than my Weber Summit whose flame was easily discernible by the naked eye). The first set of burgers came off the after about 10 mins and cooked perfectly as per Nik. Second set were left on too long and dried out. Need to get a feel for handling this powerful beast. Oh, and I torched the bottom of the Portobello mushrooms but they were salvaged and quite delicious.

Note: The burner output on the Wolf OG-36 doubles the Weber model I owned so this is like handling a Porsche compared to a Volvo. Major difference in performance.

BTW, here’s the spec sheet on my OG36, straight from central casting.

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