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GE Monogram Advantium Ovens – A Quick and Dirty Guide

Written by Appliance Dude | June 2nd, 2011

I have been inundated recently with queries (the majority that have resulted in sales 🙂 about GE’s Advantium ovens, specifically in the Monogram
line of appliances. An interesting trend – on three different occasions the customers who purchased were young professionals who were moving from NYC apartments to more spacious digs in Westchester County. Each of these customers had Advantium ovens in their NYC apartments, l-o-v-e-d them, and wanted to keep the product even though they were no longer strapped for space as they were in NYC. Moral of the story – once you rock an Advantium, you won’t want to let it go.

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Popular Advantium config...Advantium-Single Oven-Warming Drawer

Here are some important Advantium questions that we are frequently hit with:

Q. What is an Advantium oven?
A. Basically these are ovens on steroids. There are 2 flavors – a 120v version and a 240v version.
The Advantium ovens use a Halogen lighting system to cook food in minutes with no preheat. GE touts that the speed-cook setting
cooks food 8x faster than a normal oven.

Q. Can I install an Advantium oven under a counter?
A. YES, you can install the new 30″ 120v model under a counter. These models sport either the Pro or Euro handle.

Q. Can I use an Advantium oven as a normal microwave?
A. Yes grasshopper, and then some. It offers 4 cooking modes – microwave, convection, speedcook and a warmer/proof oven.

Q. Do Advantium ovens come with programmed recipes? Can I save my own recipes?
A. You can program up to 30 of your own recipes to go along with the 175 that GE has already stored for you.

Q. Can I install an Advantium oven under an induction cooktop?
A. NO!

Q. Can I install an Advantium oven under a normal cooktop?
A. Yes, you would need to buy the ZSC1201NSS or the ZSC1202NSS – both are 30″ , 120v ovens.

Q. The oven capacity is only 1.6-1.7. I’m not fitting a Thanksgiving turkey in here. Do people pair these with single ovens?
A . Yes, that’s probably their most popular configuration. Advantium up top – single Monogram oven below – warming drawer on bottom.
See the pic above!

Email me with any additional questions about GE Monogram Advantium ovens!

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