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Wolf Dual Fuel 36 vs. Wolf Gas 36 – DF366 or R366?

Written by Appliance Dude | June 5th, 2011

The question as to what is better, a Wolf dual fuel or gas range, is one of the more popular ones we hear in the showroom.
While they are both great products, they are extremely different.
Read the following and hopefully you will be on your way to figuring which Wolf 36″ range works for you.

Buy a Wolf Gas Range if:
– You are still somewhat price sensitive (there’s a $1500 spread between the 36’s, and and even larger one on the 48’s)
– You don’t care about self cleaning
– If you hate electronics (it uses an electronic control panel and some knobs use electrical components as well

Buy a Wolf Dual Fuel Range if:
– You swear by self cleaning
– You want full-extension ball-bearing racks (these are becoming very popular, not only in the pro range category…Electrolux and GE are offering them on more modest models)
– You want sealed burners (the Wolf gas range will offer sealed burners by the end of 2011)
– You want the uber-sexy cobalt blue oven interior!
– You want continuous grates

Wolf 48" Dual Fuel Range - Curto's

Magnificent, commanding, regal...what else can I say about this pic. The Wolf 48" range is quite the sight.

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