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The Top 3 Most Popular Liebherr Refrigerators – Part 1

Written by Appliance Dude | June 22nd, 2011

Lots of people asking about Liebherr refrigerators so it’s time to break it on down…

Liebherr offers a wide variety of built-in, freestanding and undercounter refrigeration products, so much so that some customers have told me that they find the line to be a bit confusing to research. What I want to do isfocus on the the three most popular Liebherr refrigerators, thus enabling you to get a snapshot of what the line offers.

# 1 Seller:
Liebherr CS-2062

The CS-2062 is Liebherr’s freestanding 36″ stainless French door refrigerator.
We have this bad boy on display and this is the piece that draws most of the foot traffic in the showroom. It’s big, commanding, stately, and a fraction of the price of a comparable built-in fridge. (Why am I comparing it to a built-in when the CS2062 has been defined as freestanding? It can actually be made to appear as a built-in by tweaking your cabinets and adding an optional grill up top which would take the height up to 84″. I’ve actually had numerous customers who were shopping for a built-in 36″ fridge, saw the CS2062, then opted to go with the Liebherr and saved about $1500.)

Pros: Price compared to built-ins, performance (two compressors, glass shelving all lead to increased energy efficiency), beautiful-looking fridge!

The Liebherr CS-2062 Refrigerator

Cons: Icemaker does not produce vast amounts of ice. The limited ice output is more “green” and you’ll probably see other refrigerator manufacturers following Liebherr’s lead down the road). If you entertain often and need copious amounts of ice, buy a standalone icemaker.

NOTE: Liebherr also makes a 36″ French Door fridge that can take custom panels – HC-2062.

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