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Outdoor Grills…Wolf, Lynx and DCS

Written by Appliance Dude | August 2nd, 2011

The three premium outdoor grills that we offer are made by Wolf, Lynx and DCS.
I’m always asked which one I would choose out of the three and what I tell customers is that
you’re in a winning situation because you can’t go wrong with any of them. There are a myriad of other
companies making noise about offering “premium” outdoor grills. IMHO, those words are just that…noise.
Wolf, Lynx and DCS are the ones you need to focus on.

If you want the line that offers the most extensive product offering for a complete outdoor kitchen and who
is regarded as the leader in the outdoor grilling business, go with a Lynx.

If you are comfortable knowing that since Wolf is the leader of indoor high-end cooking appliances and feel that
will translate to the outdoor kitchen, I would go with the Wolf grills. (Note: I took a Wolf grill home this summer and
I’ve been very pleased with it).

Consider DCS if you want your dollar to travel the furthest and you like the idea of maximizing the square inches of your grilling surface – DCS does
this by leaving out the sear burner and instead turning the entire grill surface into a sear zone.

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