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Speaking of DCS Outdoor Grills…

Written by Appliance Dude | August 3rd, 2011

…one of the features that most impresses me about the DCS outdoor grills is their grease management system.
I’ve been told that this system will not only minimize flare ups but will also make clean up of the grease pan much easier.
If you look at the inside of the DCS grill, you’ll notice that the part of the grill (under the grates) is tilted to the front of the grill.
This creates a run-off of grease which is then captured in a trough in the front part of the grill. Easy to remove, but more importantly it doesn’t
provide much of an opportunity for flare ups (which I am still experiencing on one of the high-end outdoor grills I am currently playing with).
Morale of the story is don’t get so hung up on BTU’s or brass burners or whatever is the marketing message of the day.
If you cook, you know what a pain in the ass flare-ups and grease capture is. This is something to check out.

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