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NYC Appliances: GE Monogram 30″ Range + OTR Micro

Written by Appliance Dude | August 9th, 2011

GE Monogram has released a 30″ Advantium microwave that can purportedly be used above their 30″ range.
All of the loterature found on the Monogram web site refers to the micro as an “above the cooktop” micro.
However, notice the picture below, which depicts the micro sitting comfortably above a Monogram 30″ range.
I have been told that GE is marketing this configuration for NYC apt dwellers who want a pro range but ultimately could not get one because they only had room to use a micro as the ventilation device, and historically micros were incapable of venting for pro ranges. Remember if you don’t hang the correct ventilation product above your cooking appliance, you are setting yourself up for a myriad of potential problems.

GE Monogram 30" Range

The new Monogram 30" Advantium Micro Teamed with a Monogram 30" Range

The Advantium microwave blows at 300 CFMS which may be sufficient since the 30″ Monogram ranges don’t offer griddles or grills.
The micro also comes with over 175 pre-programmed recipes and as is the case with all Advantium ovens, it offers 4 powerful ovens in one – microwave, convection oven, speed cooker and a warming/proofing function.

The micro comes in 3 flavors:
* ZSA2201RSS Advantium 240w Above the Cooktop Oven (European styling)
* ZSA1201RSS Advantium 120w Above the Cooktop Oven (European styling)
* ZSA1202RSS Advantium 120w Above the Cooktop Oven (professional styling)

The best thing about the new micros are that they qualify for the Monogram instant rebate promotion that is running through December 31 2011. So if you purchase a 30″ Monogram range along with one of the Advantium micros, you’ll immediately receive $1000 back in an instant rebate.

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