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GE Monogram 30 Refrigerators: More Details

Written by Appliance Dude | August 10th, 2011

I’ve received many queries regarding the new Monogram 30 inch refrigerators and many questions
deal with how they are ordered.

There are two models to start with:

– this is the refrigerator that will use a solid door.

ZIK30GNZII – this is the glass door refrigerator. Not available until Sept/Oct 2011.

You will then need to order the right door for the 30″ refrigerator so the following questions needs to be answered:

Do you want stainless or are you going to put a custom panel on it?
What side do you want the door swinging from?
Are you using an 84″ or 80″ high design?
What types of handles do you want – Monogram Pro or the thinner Euro style, or your own custom
handles to match your cabinetry?

Other Details to Consider:
Total Capacity (cubic feet) 14.09 cu ft
Refrigerator Capacity 10.37 cu ft
Freezer Drawer Capacity 1.11 cu ft
Convertible Drawer Capacity 2.61 cu ft

GE Monogram drawers

Freezer Drawer on Monogram 30 Refrigerator

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