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Brian’s Capital and Lynx Outdoor Kitchen: Larchmont, NY

Written by Appliance Dude | August 11th, 2011

Suffice to say I was was quite stoked when I opened my emails earlier today and found one containing photos of a new outdoor kitchen in Larchmont, NY that Curto’s provided appliances for.

Outdoor Kitchen Photos from Curto's Appliances

Damn, it's time to start cooking in this gorgeous outdoor kitchen in Larchmont NY. Appliances supplied by Curto's.

Brian, the homeowner, had planned this space quite meticulously as I recall talking to him about appliances almost one year before the units were delivered to him. We went through a bunch of different options but Brian ultimately went with a Capital 40″ grill, a Capital charcoal grill, a Lynx warming drawer and a Liebherr outdoor refrigerator.

Truth be told, there were a few bumps in the road appliance-wise, specifically the Capital grill came out of the box with a defective rotisserie. Capital’s corporate service dept was very attentive (both Brian and myself spoke to Bob, Capital’s head of customer service numerous times) and soon enough the rotis was fixed and Brian was able to enjoy his outdoor space at full throttle. Brian, I am expecting an invite over for the first rotisserie-fired pig roast!

Outdoor Kitchen, Larchmont NY - Curtos.com

Check out the wood, check out the stone floor, check out the Capital grills, this man has taste!

Aside from the appliances, I think this a great case study on how to work the natural ingredients of your backyard into the design of an outdoor kitchen. Check out what Brian did with the large rock to the left of the kitchen. It blends seamlessly into the stone of the actual kitchen thus creating a feeling of continuity.

I also want to applaud his use of wood with the flooring. Very zen, very gorgeous. I have a note into Brian to detail the supplies he used for both the deck as well as the stone work around the grill.

Brian, thanks for the photos and enjoy that space!

Side view of the outdoor kitchen in Larchmont. Note how the owner installed individual lights on top of island, bypassing the use of just the grill lights.

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