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Comparing Liebherr 36 Refriegrators: CS2062 vs. HC2062

Written by Appliance Dude | August 12th, 2011

The popularity of Liebherr 36 refrigerators has skyrocketed in the last year. Appliance shoppers seem to be smitten by the Liebherr French door fridges’ great looks, reasonable price points (for built-in looking refrigerators) and quality craftsmanship.

With the increase in attention and sales also comes a bit of confusion as Liebherr is not the easiest line
to sell. For instance, every single consumer I have dealt with that eventually bought their most popular fridge – the CS-2062 – ultimately asked what the differences were between that model and the HC-2062 and the HCS-2062.

Liebherr CS-2062

If you want a freestanding unit, wrapped in stainless, buy this one.
If you want to save money, put the fridge in-between cabinets and still get a “built-in” look,
buy this fridge. It’s about $1000 less than the HC series that I will describe next.
Biggest difference is that these units 1) have the “Liebherr” logo faintly emblazoned on the front of one of the doors and 2) use a different hinge system than the HC series. The hinge system difference is very important bc if you want the CS-2062 to appear built-in, you need to compensate for it’s hinges which stick out on the top.

Hinge on Liebherr CS 2062 refrigerator

Liebherr logo on CS 2062 refrigerator. This is not visible on the HC 2062 integrated stainless model.

Liebherr HC(S)-2062

This is the 36 French door refrigerator that Liebherr classifies as their “integrated” refrigerator.
To me, it’s called a built-in. Similar to the SubZero 700 series, these fridges are meant to be flush with your cabinets. If you are paneling your fridge with custom cabinetry, buy the HC-2062. If you want the flush look but opt for stainless, buy the HCS-2062 AND the stainless panel kit. They are NOT sold together so make sure your salesperson includes the kit or you will be staring at a fridge with no front on it.

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One Response

  1. katherine says:

    can you tell me which Liebherr would work for an integrated look with my own contractor putting on panels of my choice? 36″ wide
    Freezer on the bottom.

    can you tell me if Liebherr fixed the French doors not closing properly and if the ice making system was fixed/improved?
    For the Liebherr – is the single door better in quality with less issues than the French door model – talking about only 36″ wide units with the ability to custom panel.

    What about service in manhattan? is this unit harder and more expensive to fix than the Sub zero 36″ wide French Door?

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