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New Bosch 800 Plus Series Dishwasher: Best Dishwasher in US?

Written by Appliance Dude | August 22nd, 2011

When I met Bosch’s head designer at an appliance show earlier this Spring, he forewarned me that the new class of Bosch dishwashers that would be appearing in the Fall of 2011 would simply outlclass and outperform not only the competition, but anything that Bosch has previously offered in the US.

The story goes that Bosch left the 32″ laundry business so they could apply laser-focus to their dishwasher business. Well the new dishwashers are here and early signs are that they are knockouts. In particular to check out (if the budget allows) are the Bosch 800 Plus dishwashers, the ultimate and most expensive dishwasher offering from Bosch.

The king of the new offerings is the Bosch SHX9ER55UC whose piece de resistance is their sub-40 (39!) decibel rating. So Bosch wins the title as the first dishwasher manufacturer to break the 40 decibel mark. Bravo!
If noise is a big issue for you, then this is the dw to purchase. I own a SHX45L15UC Bosch which is only 1 year old and is now seriously dated thanks to the new models. My dw is 48 decibels and is incredibly quiet, so to think that the SHX9ER55UC is almost 10 db’s quieter is hard to fathom.
Here are some more features offered by the SHX9ER55UC:
– 39 dbs (quietest dw in North America)
– Piezo touch controls (translation – touch pad controls instead of buttons)
– 200 kw per year in energy usage and only 2 gallons of water used per load which is the best in its class
– Full stainless tub
– Water softener
– 6 wash cycles
– Express wash, Delay start, Extra tall item sprinkler
– 3rd rack on top
– Available in stainless or a version that will accept a custom panel

Minimum advertised price is $1899

The two “step-down” models (if you can even use that term in the 800 Plus line) are the SHX8ER55UC and the SHX7ER55UC.

SHX8ER55UC – 40 decibels (still insanely quiet), 180kw per year of usage, stainless tub, third rack.
As you can see, very similar to the SHX9, less the Piezo Touch controls and 1 decibel louder.
Only available in stainless.
Minimum advertised price is $1499

SHX7ER55UC – 42 decibels (a little louder but still whisper quiet). Energy consumption jumps to 259 kw/year which is still a great number but pales compared to its siblings in this series. Still, most of the features are here – stainless tub, water softener, multiple wash cycles and the third rack.
This dishwasher is available in a custom panel version as well as stainless.
Minimum advertised price is $1299


The Bosch SHX9ER55UC, SHX8ER55UC and the SHX7ER55UC Dishwashers All Have Identical Fronts

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