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Can I Use a Microwave Over a 30″ Pro Range?

Written by Appliance Dude | September 1st, 2011

I’m going to find out the answer to this question shortly.
In the past, the answer was a flat “no”. Now, I’ve heard of plenty of folks in NYC
who were limited in space to a 30″ pro range and couldn’t use a wall hood due to an inability to vent out,
so…in went the micro over the pro range. And with that probably came an increase in smoke, odor and grease all over the kitchen.

GE Monogram and DCS are changing the game as they are both touting microwaves that can be placed over their 30″ pro range offerings. GE Monogram’s flavor comes in the Advantium line, so this is souped up with the multi-function flexibility Advantium is know for – speed cooking, convection, proofing and a microwave oven all in one.
Flavors available: 120 or 220 volts. Both use a 300 cfm blower inside the micro.

DCS’ microwave doesn’t have the fancy trappings that the Advantium boasts, though it does feature convection cooking and IMHO is a better looking piece – more contemporary. I’ve ordered this one for my home kitchen so I’ll let you guys know how it is after beating on it a bit.

DCS Microwave


GE Monogram Advantium Micro

Yes! Photographic evidence direct from GE that states that you can use this micro over a pro range!

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3 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hey Jonathan – so any verdict or update?
    I could install a vent hood, but relocating the microwave would be a pain. However, I don’t like that the front burners aren’t really covered by the microwave vents, so it seems like you’d have to cook your smokey stuff off the back burners.

    • Jonathan says:

      I’m not a fan (no pun intended) of using micros over pro ranges…or even if you are going to use a standard range/oven and
      are a heavy cook. We have the DCS micro right now over a KitchenAid dual fuel range and it does not do a bang-up job on
      venting smells.

      • michael says:

        Not to get off the topic of this post, but how do you like the kitchenaid duel fuel? We are deciding between the wolf duel fuel and the Kitchenaid. Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks

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