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Thermador PRD48JDSGU – 48″ Duel Fuel Range – The Ultimate Culinary Center?

Written by Appliance Dude | September 3rd, 2011

Thermador is about to bring an elephant gun to the high-end cooking competition.

Introducing the PRD48JDSGU….code for their new 48″ duel fuel monster…$13,999 will get you the following:

– porcelain surface
– telescopic oven racks (all)
– 5 burners rated at 18K BTU’s, and one power burner at 22K!
– precision simmer at 375 BTU’s (or 100 degrees F)
– two ovens + a warming drawer
– smaller oven is steam and features 27 easy cook programs
– warming drawer offers all-glass smooth surface and holds up to 11″ dinner plates

This can go one of two ways. For starters, NO ONE is offering anything like this. Much like SubZero experienced when the PRO48 was released, people can say that Thermador has placed itself in its own league, feature and price-wise and any demand that comes its way will be based on the uniqueness and value proposition that it is offering so it then becomes a successful, NICHE product.

The other direction will be that people howl at the price tag, complain that they are trying to fit too many functions into one product, and it bombs. While you may question Thermador’s sanity at offering this product while the economy is still an unmitigated disaster, the difference between Fall 2011 and Fall 2008 is that there are more people making a boatload of money at the high end who aren’t shit-scared that the stock market and Western civilization are going the way of the dodo bird, and that’s the demo that this range is squarely pointed at. I’m not anticipating having Bob and Laura drop into my showroom and rack their minds over whether they should score a GE Cafe gas range at $2150 or this piece at nearly $14k. The people who are going to consider this piece look at $14k as a rounding error.

One industry expert that I spoke to (with absolutely no skin in the game as to whether Thermador succeeds with this) thought they were placing too many functions into one product. I disagree. I think it’s kind of cool and I applaud Thermador for showing absolute cajones by bringing this to market. This product will definitely get people talking about Thermador ranges which is just what they want.

Thermador PRD48JDSGU

Thermador Whips Out the Elephant Gun - Make Way for the PRD48JDSGU

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