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Going to School on Vent-A-Hoods

Written by Appliance Dude | September 22nd, 2011

The people at Vent-A-Hood sure know how to make damn good ventilation products.They also know how to educate and market themselves as you will see in the below video.What I like about Vent-A-Hood’s approach is that they don’t get caught up in all the marketing lingo that the appliance business is spouting out more and more nowadays (taking a cue from the auto industry).

Appliance dudes (and consumers) are so caught up in CFM’s, BTU’s, RPM’s…etc. Check out what one of Vent-A-Hood’s engineers has to say about the obsession with BTU’s as related to ventilation products. For all those considering a Venta-a-hood product, the video is also a must-watch just to see how these guys go about their business. Cool stuff…

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