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Fisher Paykel E522BR Refrigerators – The Only Choice…

Written by Appliance Dude | October 5th, 2011

…if you are looking for a cabinet-depth refrigerator LESS than 36″.

If you’ve been researching cabinet-depth refrigerators, you’re research has undoubtedly shown that most are 36″ wide. Why? Because they need to make up for the lack of depth by going WIDER.

However if you are replacing an old fridge with funky dimensions or you are working within the constraints of
a tiny kitchen/cabinet layout, Fisher Paykel has an answer for you.

The E522 bottom freezer fridge is cabinet depth yet only 31 1/8″ wide. The height is 66 3/4.
The fridge comes in 2 funky shapes – a flat door with a squared-off handle (e522BRXFD) and a version with a slightly curved door and handle (E522BRX). Color options are white, black and stainless.

Most E522 models don’t offer an icemaker, instead opting for ice cube trays.
However, if you must have an icemaker you can go with the E522BRXU which not only has said
icemaker but also offers filtered water through the door. NOTE – a very cool feature with the E522BRXU is that even though it offers water through the door, the water dispenser does not take away any room inside the fridge as the water line is plumbed inside the door. Funky.

The only drawback with the E522’s are that they aren’t Energy Star rated. I’ve also had a few shoppers note that they didn’t like the slide-out freezer drawers. If the freezer configuration is an issue, I would move to to the newer RF175WCRX1 which has a full extension slide-out freezer (but is over an inch wider). I’ll post more on that later.

So if you’re pinched for space and want to roll cabinet-depth style these Fisher Paykel refrigerators are the the ones to check out.

Fisher Paykel fridge

Fisher Paykel E522BRXFD - flat door fridge

Fisher Paykel Curved Front with Water Dispenser

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