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News on New Electrolux French Door Refrigerators

Written by Appliance Dude | November 17th, 2011

If you were hoping to scoop one of the new Electrolux French Door refrigerators that I gushed about back in September, I bring you the unfortunate tidings that you’ll be waiting much longer. Latest news out of the Electrolux camp is that these fridges won’t see the light of day until April 2012.

What a bummer! Since I had pretty much written Elux fridges off only to have my opinion reversed by the straight-on sexiness of their new fridges, you can imagine my dismay to hear that the new products have been delayed into 2Q 2012.

I guess Electrolux is playing it conservative and saying to themselves, “hey we need to get this right which only makes sense
considering how the previous generation of dispenser models bombed out.

So we wait….here’s a sneak peek I shot in September on one of the new fridges. Hardcore New York accent courtesy of Anthony.

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