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GE Cafe Appliances – The CGS990SETSS is Selling…

Written by Appliance Dude | December 19th, 2011

Just as I opened my big mouth last month that I was seeing a resurrection in GE Profile sales (at the expense of the GE cafe series) suddenly
the Cafe line starts rocking again. I am seeing big-time movement on the Cafe CGS990SETSS. This has surprised me. I wasn’t the only person in my dealership who thought this would bomb
considering the lower oven is basically scraping the floor. Can you say hernia induced by hoisting the 20 lb Thanksgiving turkey out of this?
Looks like I’m wrong because consumers are snatching this piece. Here’s the logic that’s been presented to me…how often will you really have to
use that lower oven? Unless you entertain like Martha Stewart you probably will only go low a few times per year.
That means the smaller upper oven (2.6 cu ft, NON-convection) is perfect for a typical dinner. Your casserole. Your baking tray. It’s big enough and the insulation is
better than the lower oven on the gas CGS980SEMSS or CGS985SEMSS which are the traditional gas ranges in the Cafe lineup.

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