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Vent-a-hood: Not Your Normal CFM Output

Written by Appliance Dude | December 19th, 2011

I was recently putting a deal together for a customer who was purchasing a Wolf 36″ rangetop with 6 burners. The tricky part came with the ventilation piece – the builder had specified a Vent-a-hood 36″ insert BH134SLDSS…which only blew at 300 cfm’s.
300 cfm’s over a 36″ hood? Misprint?
I mean, a 36″ hood would be designed to go over a 36″ cooktop/rangetop and that CFM output is basically at the same level as an over-the-range micro. When was the last time you heard of someone sticking a micro above a Wolf or other pro cooktop? Now I understand that due to Vent-a-hood’s Magic Lung technology that it’s CFM output is actually stronger than what’s printed due to the efficiency gains, but still, 300 cfms? Still seemed too weak.
I spoke to Marty at Eastern Marketing (the ventilation expert at one of VH’s larger distributors)
and he advised that the 36″ insert with 300 CFM’s is actually equivalent to a regular 450 CFM blower. It would be perfectly fine over a cooktop, but for a pro rangetop like the Wolf, in order to err on the side of caution it would be advisable to bump up to the 600CFM model (which is equivalent to 900 CFM’s). The 600 CFM model is actually (2) 300 CFM’s blowers which abut one another.
So if you are doing a cooktop and Vent-a-hood is of interest to you, don’t be scared off by a 300 CFM rating. It’s fine. If you are doing a rangetop (especially one that features a griddle or charbroiler) then you definitely need to step to the 600 CFM model.

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