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Appliance Deals: Electrolux Lowers the Price on Front Load Washers and Dryers

Written by Appliance Dude | January 6th, 2012


2012 rolls in and Electrolux decides to get all funky with their laundry prices.
Prices have been cut about $200 on every model.
This is huge.

Electrolux had always priced themselves above the competition, and in some cases WAY above them.
First they had that UMRP thing (the policy which mandates that dealers can’t sell below a certain Electrolux-set price) which inflated prices to begin with. Then you had Elx’s mindset that since they were bringing more to the table – larger capacity, steam in the washer and the dryer, more cycles including the 14 min wash/15 min dry and the 2nd floor guarantee, why the hell not price yourselves at a premium?

Here is the Electrolux Washer/Dryer Pair That We Own. Sexy, huh?

When Electrolux ran a rebate, my sales would spike. When the rebates expired, sales would plummet. I think alot of people just couldn’t justify spending $400-$500 more apiece on a washer and dryer when they could just rock a Whirlpool Duet or Maytag and know they were going to get a quality machine for much less.

Electrolux got smart, the prices have been chopped and I expect the laundry line to start rocking now. It’s closer to the comps and is still bringing more to the table from a feature-set. And who knows, they may even tag them with a rebate which would then make these absolutely NO-BRAINERS.

BOTTOM LINE – You can diss ELX for their refrigerators all you want but they have ALWAYS gotten laundry right. Hell, I own a pair so I should know!!!

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