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Dishwasher Review: GE Profile: PDWT180VSS

Written by Appliance Dude | January 11th, 2012

Usually if a customer wants a domestic dishwasher in the $700-$800
range I look at KitchenAid. I just feel comfortable with their long history with dishwashers.
However, I have developed an affinity for this entry piece in the GE Profile line – GE PDWT180VSS. This is a nice piece.
It’s stainless with the Profile wide arched handle, is relatively quiet at 52 decibels (not whisper quiet, but certainly in a comfortable range)
It’s Energy Star and offers a stainless tub with 5 wash options. It also offers the hard food disposer which more and more shoppers have been asking about.
Is it a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Mercedes-Benz?
However it is a durable, value-packed piece which is extremely stylish looking and brings to the table many features that you’ll find in the Bosch 500-series
save the energy efficiency and quietness. For a tick above $700 it’s definitely worth checking out. We’ve sold a number of them this year and I haven’t had a complaint yet.
I’ve been riffing on GE Profile lately…I think it’s a gem line that needs to be re-discovered…great products in there that are being overlooked by GE Cafe’s long shadow.

GE Profile PDWT180VSS Dishwasher

GE Profile Dishwasher PDWT180VSS – Curtos.com

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  1. Susan Bell says:

    Jonathan, would you please give your opinion on duel fuel self-clean oven vs. all gas non-self-clean oven? I’m buying a DCS 30″ and need to decide asap. Leaning toward duel fuel, heard it’s better, but wondering if it’s worth it. I’m a serious cook, not a pro. This is the last stove I’ll ever buy, so I want it right! Would be grateful for your take on it. Thanks!

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