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New in 2012: Electrolux French Door Refrigerators – EW23BC85KS

Written by Appliance Dude | February 8th, 2012

UPDATE – March 4 2012
OK here is what Electrolux has handed off to me.
1 – new fridges will be available around mid-March. (I will be seeing them (again) next Friday at my regional appliance buying show so I will take some
more pics and vids and try to get some more info from Elux).

2 – Here are some skus, I should have product info on www.curtos.com at the beginning of this week.

Counter Depth Wave touch Models: ( I have a video of one of these below)
EW23BC85 – dispenser model
EW23BC80 – non dispenser

Counter Depth IQ Touch Models:
EI23BC65 – dispenser
EI23BC60 – non-dispenser
Ei23BC35 – dispenser
Ei23BS35 – dispenser

Standard Depth Wave Touch Models
EW28BS85 – dispenser

Standard Depth IQ Touch Models
EI28BS65 – dispenser
EI28BS60 – non – dispenser
Ei28BS35 – dispenser

The only current model staying in the lineup is the EI27BS26 (dispenser) and Ei27BS16 (non dispenser)
These are staying b/c the icemaker was untouched by the rash of problems that hit Electrolux in the first generation of the

The new fridges should be out next month…fingers crossed!
They look great, here’s to Electrolux getting this right….

Actual video clips of the EW23BC85KS. Shot in September 2011.

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9 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    TY for all your info on Electrolux generation 2 frigs – we’re on our 7th with the promise from Electrolux to replace current with Gen 2 however no mention of possible delay time (again we have been out of ice this time 3 months) Since you saw new models will ice maker remain in frig not freezer only as we have been told today 2/9/12? Also will freezer have 3 drawers looks like 1 maybe 2 at best. I have MS & other health issues that limit my range of motion so I need easiest access to items in freezer & water/ice dispenser. Our current model has EW28 as starting serial number so I have assumed that replacement will be the same? If not there has been cyber talk of class action lawsuits.Last summer I was out of ice for 3 months (I live in a hot weather local & MS & heat are a horrible mixture. Thanks for any info you can share with me.

    • Jonathan says:

      Mary, you’re on your 7th service call or fridge?!
      I’d like to know what happened to the genius who designed these first generation fridges.

      Like I said in the video, the new models look great, and have some interesting features…I just hope they work correctly.
      They went nuclear with the function that caused the icemaker problems…it’s no longer part of the fridge so I am of the mind that the problems
      will be fixed.

    • Dustin says:

      all of this info appears to be for the smaller counter depth model. is there a replacement for EW28BS71IS coming in March as well? I’ve read many complaints about the ice maker on this model, too. i am currently in the beginning stages of a full kitchen remodel and will likely be looking to purchase new appliances in March for April delivery. thanks in advance!

      • Jonathan says:

        We are waiting to hear from ELX on this. They’ve been keeping it a mystery!

      • Jonathan says:

        I was just handed new info on the new Electrolux refrigerators.
        I will have a new blog post up within a day.

      • Jonathan says:

        The ew28bs85 would be the replacement for that model.
        If you want to save money you may want to consider the Ei27BS26 which has the external dispenser but wasn’t affected by the computer issues that plagued the other units. It’s priced at $2699. Of course it’s IQ touch as opposed to Wave Touch.

  2. Dustin says:

    i haven’t seen the blog yet, did i miss it? would love to know what you found out. thanks!

  3. Stanley Young says:

    We bought a EI28BS56IS on March 2010 and we’ve had the repair man a lot of times to fix the ice maker. Finally today ELX told us they’ll replace the refrigerator.
    I see in the website that ELX now has a model EI28BS65KS. Is that model equivalent to our present junk WITHOUT the ice maker troubles? Should we avoid the EI28BS … models? We don’t need the Wave-Touch feature.
    Thank you for the very useful information you’ve been providing.

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