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Review: GE Cafe CGS990SETSS Gas Range – Curto’s Appliances

Written by Appliance Dude | May 2nd, 2012

The CGS990SETSS is a perfect example as to why I don’t know EVERYTHING when it comes to appliances.
When I first lay eyes on the CGS990SETSS last summer I was not a fan at all. The idea of the two ovens didn’t speak to me. IMHO I didn’t see this range taking off and figured it would be phased out of the Cafe lineup in a year or so.

I was wrong.

The first one I sold was to a couple from NYC who were interested in the Cafe series bc they didn’t want to break the bank on appliances, but they wanted a pro look. The wife was intrigued by the CGS990SETSS b/c they figured that since they were empty-nesters and weren’t entertaining as often, they probably wouldn’t have great use for the lower, larger oven.
A few weeks after delivering the CGS990SETSS, I received an email with a detailed and glowing review:

On the range’s burners…“Power burners are nice and the simmer burners work well to keep things warm but not burn. The ovens heat quickly, I used the middle burner to reduce a sauce in an oval shaped LeCreuset iron casserole — pot fit perfectly.”

On the advantage of the small oven… “love the small oven, I use it often and it’s great having two ovens. Both ovens heat up relatively quickly. Roller rack helps make the low height of the bottom oven less of an issue.”

On the benefit for someone with a smaller kitchen…
“I also now have the option to use the small oven and then the kitchen doesn’t get hot at all. So this is a huge help in a city kitchen.”

The only negatives that were mentioned were:
1 – she wished there was more power in the back burners
2 – the simmer burner was so low you don’t see it so you can easily inadvertently leave it on

So there you have it. Lesson learned – before you form your own opinion based solely on your own observation, open your mind to the thoughts of others. I never would have thought about the benefit of this range in a smaller kitchen due to the lack of heat it gives off. If you live in NYC, or have a smaller kitchen in general, the heat from your oven is typically a problem. Not if you use the CGS990SETSS.

And when I complained about the low, lower oven, I never took into consideration that the vast majority of people will only use that lower oven a few times per year. The upper oven is large enough to fit casseroles and most dishes and will be the workhorse in this appliance…and will give off less heat!

The CGS990SETSS has continued to sell briskly over the last 6 mos and with all of the other manufacturers adding double oven ranges to their lineups, it looks like this style is here to stay. So if you are interested in a flexible, stylish range that won’t set you back an insane amount of money, roll the CGS990SETSS.

View of the GE Cafe CGS990SETSS

GE Cafe’s Brisk Selling Double Oven Range – CGS990SETSS

GE Cafe gas range burners

The 5th element in the middle, which rates at 5k BTU’s is a favorite for those who love eggs, bacon and other griddle-lovin’ dishes.

GE Cafe cgs990setsspowerburner

The GE Cafe CGS990SETSS power burner


Knobs for the right-side burners on the GE Cafe CGS990SETSS double oven range.

GE Cafe CGS995SETSS upper oven

The smaller upper oven on the CGS990SETSS range. This is the one you will cook in at least 90% of the time unless you are running a catering business out of your home or you entertain like some Hamptons social star.

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