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May 2012:The Outdoor Grill/Kitchen Report…What’s Selling!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 11th, 2012

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Welcome to the Lynx Temple! All Bow Before Pharoah!

Appliance Dude riffin’……

We are now ramping into the sweet spot of the outdoor kitchen/grill sales season and I have a few notes to share. People are definitely spending the loot on the high-end grills and sales are skewed heavily towards Lynx outdoor kitchens and grills. Here are some notes to digest, broken down by brand.

Lynx – 36″ and 42″ grills with ProSear have been the movers. Had a few bites on the new, step-down L500 series but there has been a recall on the carts (easy fix) so don’t know if that’s causing some consternation with consumers. Most of the lynx grills we’ve sold are just heads as they are being used in a built-in outdoor kitchen setup. Of course Lynx is touting their new brass burners as the finest thing since inexpensive medical insurance. Will these new burners markedly change your life? As one customer said to me “You can’t tell me that these burners are going to make my food taste any better”. Agree on that point, however I can tell that you that the brass burners will in fact last longer as they won’t corrode as easily as stainless under high heat and they hold and radiate heat better.
Translation – built to last, food cooked more evenly (if that’s what you want).

Wolf – Haven’t had much play on the Wolf grills yet. Can’t figure out why. Price point? Can’t be, because the Lynx is just as expensive when you factor everything in. I own one, I like it…see my tuna dish below. Wolf’s making a big push in this space, all other competitors beware…the Wolf will roar(howl)!
I made this lovely treat on a 36″ Wolf OG36 grill – how’s that for a sear?!

Seared Tuna Courtesy of My Wolf Outdoor Grill

Seared Tuna Courtesy of My Wolf Outdoor Grill and My Deft Touch.

DCS – the grandaddy of the outdoor grill space and the home of the lifetime warranty on your grill. Beat that! People come into the showroom and brag that their DCS grill is still kicking after 10-15 years. These are the guys who really invested in this space. This is their heritage. They’ve definitely had the thunder stick taken away by Lynx but it’s still a brand that consumers are very happy with and it comes in at a great price point and they are offering free goodies with the purchase of at least a 36″ grill.
What I love about DCS is two-fold:
1 – Grease Management system which channels all the yuck (runoff) into a trough thus negating (how about minimizing) flare ups. Cool.
2 – The entire grill surface can be converted into a sear station. That’s nice, so we don’t need a dedicated searing area like everyone else does which means less space for normal grilling. DCS gets it.

Capital – was a strong (somewhat) seller last summer. This year, very little action. People simply don’t know the name. Maybe it’s known more for its indoor product. Had a few people biting on them lately, if they buy I will get the feedback and pass it along.

Viking – haven’t had anyone mention Viking for outdoor pieces. Probably would help if I placed the product on my web site. We just started selling Viking again after a looooooong lay-off. Will work up to it. I know they streamlined the outdoor product line so that’s a nice thing. Don’t want to confuse consumers with too many skus….anyone want a Viking branded vegetable/fish grilling basket? Or Viking branded wood chips? Time to get back to core competencies. Make killer product, the consumers will come.

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