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Wolf E-Series Wall Ovens: 3 Things You Need to Know

Written by Appliance Dude | May 16th, 2012

Once upon a time the merits of the Wolf E-Series ovens fell on deaf ears right here. I wasn’t into the look (the original curved handle was whack looking and I didn’t like the control panel) and even though it was positioned as a lower priced Wolf, it never entered any conversation I had about Wolf ovens.

Things are different now. Wolf gave the ovens a semi-face lift and when you see them now with the tubular handles and in a column with a warming drawer
and Wolf steam oven….wow. And they’ve decided to get REAL FUNKY and add a black glass single and double oven to the lineup.

Thinking about buying a Wolf E Series oven? Three things you need to know:

1 – It is one of 2 Wolf ovens (along with the new Wolf steam convection oven) which can be used in both a standard installation as well as a flush inset install (cleaner look!)
2 – For a standard install, your cabinet needs to be 24″ deep and must be able to support 250 lbs for a single oven and 400 lbs for a double oven
3 – For a flush inset installation the E-series oven requires a min of 25″ in depth. REMEMBER THIS OR YOUR OVEN SETUP WILL LOOK LIKE S@#T: You inside openings of the rough opening must be finished (stained, not laminated) b/c they will be visible when oven door is open. And as stated, STAIN it, as the laminate finish will not hold up the heat the oven produces.

Wolf E-Series Oven - Curto's Appliances

The Sexiness of the Wolf E-Series Double Oven. Got a cigarette?

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