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My Wolf Grill Does Fish Tacos Right

Written by Appliance Dude | August 6th, 2012

Cod Fish Taco Grilled on My Wolf OG36 Grill. Damn Good if I May Say.

Just picked up a fantastic grilling cookbook and decided to have a go at a fish wrap / taco recipe. Bought some cod, wifey put together an awesome marinade with a variety of spices and and off to work I went on the grill. Key finding – I was having some flare-up issues recently with the Wolf grill and this time the cod cooked without incident. Turns out in the past we were coating the grates with oil and then putting the food on them as I figured this would prevent the food (especially fish) from sticking to the grates. The cookbook recommended NOT oiling the grates but instead to make sure the food itself was well lubed. We brushed each fillet with olive oil put them on the grill and I’m happy to report that I didn’t have one flare-up to speak of. Lesson learned – leave those grates alone.

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