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Wolf Gas Ranges vs Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges – 2 Big Differences

Written by Appliance Dude | August 7th, 2012

Ed. Note: Look for Upcoming Video That Will Blow This Topic Out.

Since Wolf is completely changing their gas range in the very near future, we need to get some good info out there for people shopping for late Fall deliveries.
Ed. note – If you weren’t aware, Wolf will be making significant changes to their venerable gas range in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. More on this in the upcoming video

Two big aesthetic differences….

The knobs.

The grates.

Current gas range knobs are beveled. Dual fuel are bulbous and offer digital read-outs on them for temperature and other settings.

Current gas range grates are singular, thus they are easier to manage. Dual fuel grates are connected, thus they are heavier to move around. Advantage with the dual fuel continuous grates are that they are handy if you are moving pots around while cooking.

Wolf range knobs

The Beveled, No Make That Chiseled Look of Wolf Gas Range Knobs. Say Goodbye to Them!


Wolf Dual Fuel Range Knobs

And Say Hello To This Style Knob on All Wolf Ranges Moving Forward.


Wolf Dual Fuel Range Grate

Wolf Dual Fuel Range Grate


Wolf Gas Range Grate

Wolf Gas Range Grate

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  1. Infinity says:

    What’s the price difference from wolf 30″ gas compared w wolf 30″ dual fuel

    And is interior the same blue color on both?

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