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Delivering a Sub-Zero Fridge in NYC: All About the Compressor

Written by Appliance Dude | August 14th, 2012

If you live in NYC in a pre-war building and own a Sub-Zero refrigerator, odds are that you have encountered the delivery issues posed by the fridge’s compressor (the device at the top of the refrigerator which compresses gas formed in the evaporator – crucial to fridge’s operation). For those who are considering a first-time purchase of a Sub-Zero and you live in a pre-war apt or one that doesn’t offer an elevator more than 84″ in height, welcome to the club, you need your compressor removed!

The typical delivery/installation of a “comp-off” Sub-Zero in NYC is as follows.

1. Your address is checked against SubZero database of addresses requiring comp-off services. Or, a survey is performed to inspect your building’s elevator and route to your apartment.

2. Sub-Zero is delivered with comp-off by trucking company. The fridge needs to be left outside it’s hole and must have 3ft of space on each of four sides.

3. Sub-Zero sends third party technician to place the compressor back on the unit. THEY DO NOT ATTACH WATER OR INSTALL THE FRIDGE.

4. Sub-Zero truckers or your contractor installs new Sub-Zero.

Of course if you have an existing Sub-Zero that needs to be removed that complicates the process further b/c that compressor must be removed as well on-site.
No one said it was easy!!

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