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SubZero Pro48 Refrigerator – Analyzing a Sale

Written by Appliance Dude | September 4th, 2012

Today we had a couple come in from Westchester County and purchase a Sub-Zero Pro48 refrigerator.
It’s always interesting to watch the sales process unfold when someone purchases one of these
refrigerators. Think about it: they are more expensive than some cars, they take up considerable space in a kitchen and the process of delivering one is, well, a process, to say the least.

This couple had done some preliminary research but came in needing to be guided. One of the first questions was – how does this fridge differ from the BI48, Sub-Zero’s other 48″ offering, which comes in at about $7000 less. The make and construct of the two refrigerators are like apples and oranges. The shelving materials and lighting are different, the doors are polar opposites (the Pro48’s are much thicker), the Pro48 offers a glass door option, the legs are different…and those are some of the more obvious differences.

Ultimately if you are considering the purchase of a Pro48 there are many considerations which need to be taken into account, with spacing being one of the more important ones. We will typically send someone out to survey someone’s kitchen to make sure that the fridge is not only going to fit into the hole but can the refrigerator be delivered on site without any modifications.

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