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Thoughts on DCS Ovens and Ranges…

Written by Appliance Dude | September 5th, 2012

…I feel like I should be selling more of this brand.

….company has a longstanding reputation for all-pro cooking performance

…they are featured on America’s Test Kitchen! That means all 5 people who watch it week are potentially exposed to the DCS brand (just kidding…I like the show alot, so that makes 6 people watching!)

…I have a feeling that consumers aren’t doing backflips over the recent re-design of the DCS cooking appliances.

To that last point, some of the feedback that I have received is that folks think the handles are too squared-off and thick, and they aren’t feeling the gargantuan kickplate on the bottom of the ranges.

whisper….I have heard, unofficially, that DCS may be offering an option for a different handle and kickplate. More to come if this is proven as FACT.

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