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A Trip to the NYC Viking Showroom

Written by Appliance Dude | February 14th, 2013

A few weeks ago I spent an “appliance day” in NYC, and I took the opportunity to visit the Viking showroom on the East Side. The showroom manager (Marilyn) was wonderful and made the Appliance Dude feel at home. She also helped me up my Viking info game.

I’ve had an itch to get on-camera and just start a massive riff about what I deem to be an imminent comeback by Viking. That will be forthcoming, because (I feel) it’s a sick growth stock.
For now, enjoy the sights of their showroom and look for a Viking comeback missive soon enough…

Viking 24″ Gas Range in a NYC Kitchen

Sweet stuff, but the price tag is hefty. Not a volume mover, but sure shows well.

Cool blue…so fresh, light and airy. Hopefully they don’t discontinue the color!

Viking 48″ Gas with the charbroiler. Looks great, but grille is a bitch to clean.

Old school folks…this is like classic Def Jam hip hop. The roots of pro cooking!

Patented. Brass. Staggered ports. It rocks.

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