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Outdoor Kitchen Season is Here

Written by Appliance Dude | March 2nd, 2013

Outdoor kitchen inquiries are starting to build. Oh, I’m not talking just a simple Weber grill stuck in a corner of your outdoor space. I’m talking full-on kitchens: grills, outdoor fridges, warming drawers, kegerators, ice makers, etc etc etc.

What am I selling this year? For the full suite of outdoor kitchens we’ll probably move a decent amount of Lynx and DCS equipment as they have the most comprehensive outdoor lineup. I’m sure there will be a fair amount of Wolf grills (which I currently own) as well. This will be the first full season with Viking outdoor, so we’ll have to see if there is movement on that line. It’s hard to tell with the new owners rocking the Viking ship so hard in their initial stages of ownership, so I don’t know what availability will look like.

So if you have an existing grill it’s never too early to get it cleaned and primed for Spring searing action.
And if you are in the market for one, look no further than Curto’s for your outdoor kitchen!

Lynx Grill Head Set in Stone

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  1. Daniel Schwartz says:

    I am in the process of building an outdoor kitchen and trying to decide on the best 36″ grill. I have spoken to several knowledgable and several not so knowledgable sales people as to which they believe is the best grill relative to quality and durability of build, temperature and evenness of heat performance, length of warranty and availability of local service. To be sure, there is no consensus. It is hard to determine if there is bias based on profit margins or future income from frequent repair costs or if their opinions are unbiased and based on performance and quality of parts, etc. I have learned that while a nice looking and performing grill, Lynx is a service nightmare so it is eliminated. Several people have touted the DCS but I wonder if the quality is still true given that it no longer is made in the USA. Also, what about fragility and longevity of the ceramic tubes vs briquettes. Then there is FireMagic which has a long history, but I wonder if SS plates get as good even and high heat performance as ceramic briquettes? I note that you claim to own a Wolf which does look eerily like the Lynx minus the lighted knobs. I’d be interested in detailed feedback re: how it performs, heat production, evenness of heat across the briquettes and warranty. Two internet sites are pushing Alfresco, but one person claims that their burners are a weak link and the front panel very thin SS with lots of service headaches. Finally, someone recommended an Alturi that has cast brass burners like the Lynx but I fear may be made in China. Anyhow, any help you could provide certainly could end in a sale. I live in northern NJ not far from you. Dan

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