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Bosch SHE7ER55UC: Buy This Dishwasher. Now.

Written by Appliance Dude | April 4th, 2013

Bosch is preparing for the introduction of an entirely new dishwasher platform that will debut in June. That means there are sick deals to be had right now on their current dishwashers. I am focusing on the SHE7ER55UC which is part of the 800+ series, the top of the line offering from Bosch. Prices have just dropped
precipitously and with the added bonus of a rebate this is too good of an offer to pass. These dw’s were selling for over $1200 when they were first introduced 2 years ago and they can be had for hundreds and hundreds less. Act now or forever hold your peace! Video to come on this….

The stately and sultry Bosch SHE7ER55UC. Never has dishwashing been so attractive!



Bosch SHE7Er55UC Racks – Curto’s Appliances. Yes that’s the cutlery tray chilling up top.



Bosch SHE7ER55UC Control Panel – Multiple options Without Getting Confusing

Call Curto’s at 1-800-966-2878 for more info on the Bosch SHE7ER55UC dishwasher or other goodies from the Bosch family of products.

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