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New Bosch Dishwashers are Here, Time for Dancing in the Streets!

Written by Appliance Dude | June 2nd, 2013


Just like that, the much anticipated new line of dishwashers from Bosch have begun to roll out to showroom floors.
Timing was perfect as I was told as far back as 9 months ago that June would see the invasion of new product and voila, they nailed their roll out date (which is virtually unheard of in the world of heavy durable production!)

Why is this such a big deal in the world of dishwashers? Simply put, this is Bosch’s first platform overhaul in a decade.
The dishwashers are larger, quieter and more energy efficient. They also rate high on the sexiness scale with several new looks including a gorgeous recessed handle (which is so functional in those tight kitchen spaces where a protruding dishwasher handle could interfere with an oven door opening). And there’s more goodness…how about offering a 3rd rack on their mid-prices dishwashers (formerly known as the 500-series).

Here are a few snaps of the first model to hit our floor, an SHP65. Not to worry, a block-rocking fully in depth video to come which will analyze the new dishwasher offering like nowhere else on the web.

Bosch SHP65

The Bosch SHP65 with recessed handle. Click Me!




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