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New Bosch Dishwasher Video – NOT!

Written by Appliance Dude | June 4th, 2013

So we closed the doors tonight an hour and a half late due to the volume of customers. The second we turned the key in the lock, the lights went down, the camera went up and we started rolling.
I came out with 15 minutes of straight up improvised new Bosch dishwasher teaser footage…it was incendiary!

Came home tonight for an edit session on the iMac and lo and behold…NO SOUND!
Turns out that I didn’t have the mic plugged in due to my excitement to start rambling about these dishwashers. : (

My first inclination was to out my head through the monitor but I quickly turned the situation around and transformed tonight into a dress rehearsal which means tomorrow night’s clip will rock even harder with all the good word. Stay positive!

PS – why am I selling so much DCS product now? Something in the drinking water?

Till tomorrow!

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