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New 3rd Rack on New Bosch Dishwashers

Written by Appliance Dude | June 8th, 2013

I feel like most of the attention being paid to the new 2013 Bosch dishwashers is focused on the larger racks and the creation of an entirely new flush style. I don’t want to understate the addition of these features but as I pore through the new details I keep coming back to the vaunted 3rd rack. Yes this is the top rack, designed mainly for silverware that has traditionally only been available in top of the line German dishwashers. Now Bosch is offering a flexible 3rd rack which allows for storage for much more than silverware. Measuring cups, beaters, whisks, demitasse cups, Tupperware and more can now fit comfortably up top, freeing up valuable space down below. What’s very cool is that the 800 Plus models will now offer this flexible rack that offers expandable wings thus creating the ability to store larger/taller items. Brilliance. They are also offering adjustable tines which allow you to customize space based on your needs.
Pictures to come!

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